Tuesday, 7 July 2015

MANcub - Hangman

Meet the party-core club of Calgary. Bands here will shotgun brews and then throw down a killer rock show just as cleanly. With a manifesto of “Loud guitars and PBRs,” MANcub are alumni of this crew, and they bring the swagger with their brazen brand of riff rock. Grab a beer and join the club! (bandcamp bio)

MANcub play a bad ass style of rock n roll! Killer riffs, addictive hooks, guns blazing attitude, these guys may be worth a trip to Calgary just to catch them live! Check out their debut 'Hangman' ep below and find yourself a new favorite band.

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Madison Apart - Party Monsters EP

Madison Apart is a five piece band from Northern Virginia. They play a blend of self described metal-core, pop, and rock-n-roll getdown music. This isn't my go to style of metal but after listening for a couple of minutes I do find it rather catchy and up beat, a nice change from all of the crushing doom that I normally have playing. Their latest 'Party Monsters' ep can be found below which is comprised of six of their best songs to date. The album is free if you want it to be but please keep in mind that half of the proceeds will be sent to St Jude Childrens Research Hospital and the American Diabetes Foundation.

Bastard Lord

Bastard Lord are a three piece psychedelic doom metal band from Buffalo, New York. They just released a 4 track self titled release which you can find below. It promises just under 40 minutes of unwavering doom which left me fully satisfied and impressed.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Gruesome Stuff Relish- Horror Rises From the Tomb

Gruesome Stuff Relish are a death metal band from Spain, and are part of the Razorback Records family. Their sound is heavily influenced by old school swedish death metal and vintage horror flicks, a classic combination!  Over the years they have put out several split releases and a couple of full lengths, below you will find their 2008 release "Horror Rises From The Tomb". It is one of my favorites which I recently re-discovered on bandcamp. Enjoy!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Jess and the Ancient Ones- Castaneda

Jess and the Ancient Ones are a female fronted retro occult rock band from Finland. Every song this band has put out I have loved and the two tracks that Castaneda brings us is no exception. Sit back and relax as you give them a listen below.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Lever of Archimedes- Triptych Disentanglement

Lever of Archimedes is a technical death metal band from Washington, D.C. This shit is mind blowing, that's pretty much all I can say. For real, click on through and listen to it, words can't describe the level of this 3 track ep.

Psychedelic Witchcraft- Black Magic Man

Psychedelic Witchcraft was born by the hands of the ancient gods of Blues and Doom . Living through the imaginary of Occult and Witchcraft, with psychedelic colors and emotions.Inspired by the sounds and the pictures of an almost lost Era. -bandcamp bio

The sweet part about Psychedelic Witchcraft is that its a one woman project. It has a great retro occult rock vibe and to quote a fan from their bandcamp, just think of them as a stoned Fleetwood Mac. Click on through to hear her Black Magic Man ep.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Bad Guys- Bad Guynaecology

Comprised of two Englishmen, a Canadian and a Hungarian, this powerhouse foursome is bonded together in the name of rock, with one mutual ambition fueling their music and guiding their mission: to make the heavy stuff and play it loud, the way it should be.

Bad Guys play a tongue in cheek style of sludgey hard rock. Listening to the songs you know that these guys know how to have a great time and I bet seeing them live would be quite an experience!  Click on through and give Bad Guynaecology a listen.

Ur Draugr- The Wretched Ascetic

Ur Draugr come from Perth, Australia and they play such a hauntingly beautiful form of avant-garde death metal. It is really a fantastic fusion of ambiance and death. You just need to hear it for yourself, so click on through, grab yourself a copy and shoot the boys a couple bucks!

The Black Wizard- Fuzzadelic EP

The Black Wizards are a killer psychedelic blues rock band from Portugal. Oh, and they're female fronted which is always the best combination for some fuzzed out jams.

Born in the digital era The Black Wizards are four analogic musicians that throws dirty blues into the air: no bullshit, no gimmicks, just pure soul, emotion and lots of fuzz. Click on through to grab yourself a copy of their Fuzzadelic ep.