Thursday, 10 April 2014

Barizon- Towards the Rising Sun

I first featured this killer stoner rock band last October stating that the wait for their full length would surely be worth it. I'm glad I wasn't wrong. 'Towards the Rising Sun' brings you 10 tracks of superb stoner rock. If your a fan of the genre, don't think twice about it. Just go listen and support them!
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Pallor Mortis- The Art of Terror

Pallor Mortis started off as a project between vocalist Vince O'Leary and guitarist Peter Lountzis. Due to Montreal's saturated technical/melodic/hardcore scenes, and both being avid fans of old school death metal, they decided to bring back death metal in the ilk of Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse to Montreal. They had also decided to create a theme that went beyond the typical gore lyrics of death metal by using a lyrically rich, tyrant based/historical approach. Ultimately the full lineup was completed with the addition of Jessica Simard (then on bass, later rejoining on guitar), Jessy Normand on drums and Jeff Jenkins on bass. After three years, an EP, multiple lineup changes, and great shows, they are ready to bring you their first full-length “The Art of Terror”.

Which is such a suiting name. This is the kind of metal which makes people run in fright of that terrible 'devil' music. Yeah, I have lots of non metal friends. The vocals bring that deep guttural sound that classic death metal is known for and the instrumental side churns along at a bone crushing pace. I'm not one to go into all the technical aspects of a band, I would rather just give my seal of approval as I transfer this album onto my phone and listen the shit out of it.

Check it out for yourself below!

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mist of Nihil "Buried Laments" (February 2014)

On their 2014 release “Buried Laments” Mist of Nihil deliver an overwhelmingly morose brutality in the album’s five songs. Though the songs are heavy (there’s no doubt about this), they all have an overbearing weight of something dismal and grim, flooding in to our thoughts. This album combines complex rhythms, technical beats and riffs, and a sound that constantly drives forward despite its weight.

The album has a powerful sense of doom, so that’s a great success. But it also keeps listeners interested. It’s not so gloomy that it becomes boring and it’s not so speedy and brutal as to loose it’s crushing morose aura.

Songs on this album have a really entrancing unity in the instrumental structure. There seems to always be a centre around which the more finite and fleeting aspects of the song form an ephemeral husk—or a layer of dark clouds. Songs on this album are united around a unifying rhythm. An Ebb and Flow of doomed tranquility. So when the band deliberately disrupts the unity of the riff, you really notice it, and this is one of the more unique ways Mist of Nihil keeps us on our feet.

The line up consists of:  Panos Leakos – Vocals, George Griever – Guitars, Thanassis Kg – Guitars, Nicolas Nast Alexandropoulos – Bass, Makis Vouros – Drums. In my humble opinion, this is a group of musicians who all share a vision of what their sound is.

Something that many listeners might notice immediately is the centrality of the drums on this album. The beats form a bedrock we might say. And the guitars seem to accomplish a very difficult balance: both heavy and intricate—both peripheral and central (I include the bass among the guitars). Mist of Nihil’s vocals are really interesting. Panos doesn’t diverge from his relatively central range, only going lower or higher with (what feels like) the permission of the rest of the band. This truly contributes to the band’s phenomenology of the morose.

I have a good feeling about this album. I enjoy the sounds, the song structures, and the lingering atmosphere of gloom. A very strong album that seems less about the overcoming and more about the enveloping of hope and despair into the same muted syllables.

I feel celebratory in my lament.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Wacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation 2

This is a massive compilation. 81 of the best tracks from the competitors of this years Wacken Metal Battle Canada. Pick any genre you can think of and odds are you will find a band that specializes in said genre. Check it out and show your support for great Canadian metal!

A couple of stand out tracks.
Burning the Day- Victorious 
Death Toll Rising- Scorched Earth Policy
Protokult- Give Me A Beer!
Tunguska Mammoth- The March of the Titan
Xul- Battlestorm

Listen to them and many more!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chunkasaurus- Vs the Falcannon

Vancouver Island, BC's space truckin' metal and stone rock trio CHUNKASAURUS emerge with their debut EP, "vs. The Falcannon". A face shredding EP inspired by punk tempos, stoner metal riffage, and hard rock hooks. Check it out below for some instant hard rocking fun!

Druglord- Enter Venus

Druglord is a 3 piece doom metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Their new album 'Enter Venus' just dropped and you can check it out below. I highly recommend it!

Briarcliff- Endgame

Briarcliff is a 6 piece deathcore band from Adelaide, Australia. Below you will find their 3 track demo 'Endgame'. It's a pretty solid release and is a great showing of what the band is capable of. I'll be eagerly awaiting a full length from these guys!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Interview time with Killwhitneydead

I have been a long time fan of Killwhitneydead and their brutally brilliant sample laden metal. Having released their last album way back in 2007, I had begun thinking that I would never hear new material. Thankfully the gods are kind and the boys behind the band are coming back with what sounds to me, likely to be their best album yet.  Vocalist, Matthew Rudzinski took some time to chat about their downtime, upcoming album and how things have changed within the scene. For fans of the band and anybody new to their music, be sure to give it a thorough read!

Ink'd: M. Shadows

We only have a handful of tattoo features here on Metalhorizons and yet they are some of the most popular posts. The majority are of alternative female models, today I figured I would give something for any female followers out there.

Matthew Sanders or as you all know him, M. Shadows is the creative force and vocalist behind Avenged Sevenfold. The band was formed way back in 1999 with high school friends Zacky Vengeance and the Rev. The name Avenged Sevenfold is a reference from the Book of Genesis and you either love their music or you hate it, thankfully we are here for a different reason.

M. Shadows got his first tattoo at the young age of 15 and hasn't stopped inking since. With plans to cover everything but his face, he is well on his way. From the traditional daggers, hearts and spider webs, to the in depth biblical images and band inspired art, M. Shadows seems to have it all. Check all of his art out below!

Slow Green Thing- I

Slow Green Thing is a Heavy Rockband from Dresden/Germany. The band is playing some classic 1970’s hard rock with Black Sabbath and Deep Purple style mixed with modern high-gain sound. While using Stoner Rock and Doom Metal elements, the band can not be pigeonholed. Psychedelic singing and jamming round up it's musical style.-bandcamp bio