Monday, 29 February 2016

Sergeant Thunderhoof - Ride of the Hoof

Sergeant Thunderhoof are a stoner rock band from Bath, UK. They play a great mixture of stoner, classic, psychedelic and heavy metal, they pretty much have something that all listeners will enjoy. Their latest release, 'Ride of the Hoof' brings us 50 minutes of groovy greatness. This is a killer record to put on while you sit back, melt into your couch and just feel the music.

Go on and Ride the Hoof below!

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Lanterns - Dark Passenger

Lanterns is a Blackened Deathcore band from Kannapolis, North Carolina. These guys play it hard and they play it heavy. Their latest release 'Lanterns' brings us 5 tracks of blistering aggression fueled by demonic vocals and one can only assume, hatred for mankind. Its a damn good release and should find itself a warm welcoming to fans of deathcore and everything heavy. Check it out below!

GYGAX - Critical Hits

GYGAX, from Ventura, California have made a really fun album here. 'Critical Hits' is Dungeon and Dragon inspired classic rock. The music is well executed, catchy and upbeat, the theme is fun and nerdy. There really is no complaints here, just 30 minutes of a damn good time! Give it a listen to below.

Valerian - Stardust Revelation

Valerian is a Power Metal band from Surabaya, Indonesia and to be honest they are the first band from Indonesia that I have the honor of listening to. These guys sure know how to create balls to the wall, glorious metal. Each track on 'Stardust Revelation' is expertly crafted with knowledge and love of the genre. This is a very strong debut for a band that clearly enjoys what they are doing, hopefully this is the beginning of something great for Valerian.

Listen to Stardust Revelation below.

Dreaded Silence - The Last Vestige of Hope

Dreaded Silence is a melodic progressive metal band from Boston, Massachusetts. After approximately 3 minutes of listening to their latest album 'the Last Vestige of Hope', I knew that I had found something great. This is one of those albums that just needs to be heard. In fact, I'm going to stop typing and just enjoy this, you should too.

Listen to The Last Vestige of Hope below.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Infernal Sea - The Great Mortality

Formed in early 2010 The Infernal Sea's style is rooted in the traditional Black Metal sound. Not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries The Infernal Sea bring an eclectic mix of influences to their sound.

I don't listen to Black Metal on the regular, I feel like it is a style of music which needs a certain mood and atmosphere, with that being said I am loving the shit out of this album. It hits hard and it hits fast, the aggression and energy of each track is insane. It's terrifying, it's exciting, I don't know how people can perform this kind of music, what primal instincts awaken inside to inspire and create these works of art. Perhaps I should dabble in this genre more often...

Check out the Great Mortality below.

Kaine - The Waystone

The Waystone was released in August of 2014 and I am only just now hearing it. What the fuck is wrong with me!? Kaine absolutely kill it with this release, creating glorious NWOBHM anthems and crafting a harmony and melody that often times is lost in present music. This is a must have for fans of classic heavy metal, Maiden and Priest.

Give the Waystone a listen below and check out their other newer album, 'Justice, Injustice'

Navajo Witch - Ghost Sickness

Navajo Witch is a doom metal band from Johnson City, Tennessee. I featured their 2013 release 'Skinwalker' and now its time to feature them again with their latest release 'Ghost Sickness'. 9 tracks of fuzzed out relentless doom paired with aggressive and in your face vocals.

Give 'Ghost Sickness' a listen to below.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lost Society - Braindead

Lost Society is a thrash metal band from Jyväskylä, Finland. I stumbled upon these guys thanks to Spotify and am I ever glad that I did. Their latest release 'Braindead' has been played on repeat multiple times since I discovered them. It offers 10 tracks of non stop head banging, ear ringing, thrash metal.

Check out Braindead below. I highly recommend it!

Burning Churches - Defecation of the Tabernacle EP

Anarchist Death/Grind mixed with Satanic Black/Doom Metal resulting in a towering unholy inferno of blasphemous aggressions. Former member of Indian and Lord Mantis Bill Bumgardner, Composer, FOH Engineer Bill Fraser, and a professor of electronics and guitar Keven Kalay.

Burning Churches just released a 4 track ep 'Defecation of the Tabernacle' and its fucking awesome. With a name like Burning Churches, one must live up to a certain expectation. These guys, they hit all the marks and just keep on going. The music evokes an 'evil' atmosphere. a sense of paranoia and anxiety takes over the listener and though some will look at this as a simple gimmick, it hooked me instantly.

Check out 'Defecation of the Tabernacle' below.