Thursday, 23 July 2015

Deatheater - Hollow Vessels EP

Deatheater is a four piece deathcore band from Anderson, South Carolina. They have just released their debut ep 'Hollow Vessels' through Chugcore which is a great promoter for everything deathcore, slam and beatdown.

The album is available below so go ahead and grab yourself a copy!
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This isn't the typical metal that is found here, this is something a little out there that I am sure not everybody will enjoy, but I am loving it!

Corpo-Mente is a French duo, featuring legendary underground baroque-core artist Gautier Serre [Igorrr] on full instrumentation/production and Blood Music's own operatic treasure Rïcïnn [Igorrr/Öxxö Xööx] on vocals. The album sensually twists is way through an experimental trip hop landscape, utilizing virtuosic folk instrumentation and a brilliantly exotic operatic vocal performance. The palette evokes a marriage between Diamanda Galas, low-key electro, and classic French folk music.

Grab this brilliant album below to enjoy something amazing and new.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Slowbot - Pacifier for the Mind

Slowbot is a four piece stoner grunge band from Paris, France. They have just put out their second self produced album titled 'Pacifier for the Mind'. This album is a complete throwback to the 90's with clear influences from the grunge movement and the desert rock sound. Which pretty much means its amazing and needs to be heard right now. Grab yourself a copy of the album below!

Witchhelm - Invocations

Witchhelm is an occult doom metal band from Akron, Ohio. Their latest release 'Invocations' was released earlier today and I've been jamming to it off and on throughout the evening. Check it out below, its a pretty solid record.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Jaw Horse - Slum City

Face-melting, Hot rodding, Dick kicking, Date raping your mind, NITRO burning, funny car smashing, aeroplane crashing, HIGH octane BLUES ROCK AND ROLL to satisfy the soul. This is JAW HORSE. (bandcamp bio)

Jaw Horse play some stellar southern stoner rock blues. Below you will find their 'Slum City' release, which brings you 8 tracks of their delightful blend of rock n roll.

Vinuum Sabbathi and Bar de Monjas - Fuzzonaut Split

This is a great split album from two very bad ass South American doom metal bands. It is available for free for this week only so grab it while you can!

Monday, 20 July 2015

These Hands Conspire - Sword of Korhan

These Hands Conspire are a five piece stoner doom metal band from Berlin. Their album 'Sword of Korhan' can  be found below and man, is it ever a great album. Bringing in elements of heavy metal, classic rock, stoner and doom, these guys create an amazing sound, feel and experience. Be sure to grab yourself a copy below!

Prowler - From the Shadows

PROWLER is a 3-piece metal band with terrorific riffs, spine-tingling sounds, memorable lyrics and quotes that should be familiar to aficionados of the horror genre. PROWLER combines metal with some old, chilling horror and thriller lyrics as well as quotes and live samples directly from the actual movies themselves.

Below you will find their latest release 'From the Shadows' which is loads of fun if you are a fan of heavy metal and horror.

Hybrid Nightmares - The Third Age

Assaulting your senses with searing guitars, vocals that would invoke envy in Satan himself and drums that reverberate within the very depths of your soul; Melbourne's own metal powerhouse is Hybrid Nightmares.

With their long awaited second EP, Hybrid Nightmares casts brutality upon the masses. Five tracks of unrelenting madness, reaching out to the innermost fears within your mind.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Among the Brave

Among the Brave is a four piece female fronted metalcore band from El Paso, Texas. They have a two track demo available on their bandcamp and it has loads of potential. I would love to have a couple more tracks to sit down with to fully appreciate the band. Hopefully in the near future a full release or more demos will become available, this is one band I will b!e keeping an eye on.

Check out the tracks below!