Thursday, 6 August 2015

Witching Altar - Ride with the Devil

Witching Altar is a side project created by T. Witchlover (Beast Conjurator, Seven Candles, ex-Stormblood) and Peter Vitus (Seven Candles, ex-Preatcher, ex-Electric Mooker) in order to fulfill their oath of reverence to the Traditional Doom Metal Cult.

If their was a course on how to play traditional doom then Witching Altar would be graduating with honors. This is a brilliant throwback to that classic sound with hints of Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General, Pentagram, this is an album that deserves to be side by side with those legends of the genre.

Give it a listen below!

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Spiral Guru - The Road

Spiral Guru is a Brazilian Stoner Rock band formed in 2013 with themes about science fiction, extraterrestrial life, the psychedelia from 60's and influenced by bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Coven, Led Zeppelin, Blue Öyster Cult, and especially by the masters Black Sabbath and their bastard sons Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General, Pagan Altar, Candlemass, Sleep, and others!

Below you will find their two track ep 'the Road', I have one complaint about this release and that's the fact that they only have two songs. This is amazing female fronted stoner rock that I need more of, like right now. Come on Spiral Guru, get back in the studio and make some more killer jams!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sleeping Widow - The Beginning of the End

Sleeping Widow is a five piece stoner rock band from Zittau, Germany. On August 1st they released their debut album 'The Beginning of the End' and I sure as hell hope they don't come to an end anytime soon.

This album is so ridiculously good. Its female fronted occult blues rock at its very best. This genre is absolutely killing it lately, bands from around the world are creating this glorious retro vibe and Sleeping Widow are definitely at the front of the pack.

Check the full album out below, crank the volume and enjoy every minute of it!

Wolfmen of Mars - Vs The Mangled Dead

Wolfmen of Mars are an electric/rock group that channels the sounds of 70s/80s movie scores and mixes them with a touch of heavy groove. They create very interesting and enjoyable tracks, a step away from traditional metal music.

 They have a bunch of albums available on their bandcamp page and below you will find their latest so you can get a feel of the music.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Krallice - Ygg Huur

Krallice is an Experimental Black Metal band from New York, New York. They have just put forth their fifth full length release 'Ygg Hurr'. This album is pretty brutal, a mixture of hardcore and black metal, a pure assault on your senses. I have listened to earlier releases from Krallice and none have really stuck to me like this one has. Check it out below.

Win A Slayer Snapback

Ok guys, time to share more than just music. Couple weeks back I attended Mayhem Fest, saw some killer bands that I never gave a chance to before and of course finally got to cross Slayer off of my metal bucket list. I picked up an extra Slayer snapback and it can be yours!

Simply make a comment on this post, instagram, or facebook and mention a band or two from your hometown that you believe the whole world should know about. If you're commenting via facebook or instagram, please like and follow.

I would like to receive a bunch of new bands so don't let me down!

The winner will be announced at the end of the month. In the meantime watch the video for 'Repentless', Slayers latest single.

Please note; The glass skull is not part of the prize, only the hat. A winner will be randomly selected out of all entrants on or around September 1st. Open to everyone worldwide. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. 

The Galacticats - Self Titled EP

The Galacticats! are an independent basement rock quartet based in Guelph Ontario. The band’s initial lineup came together in the summer of 2013.

Mixing garage, blues, oldies and surf rock stylings, the ‘Cats have created a unique, organic, home-grown rock sound that will make your feet move and your ears grin.

These guys and gals play a fantastic style of retro rock, this isn't your typical in your face metal music but that doesn't mean you should pass it by. My hometown is just a short drive from Guelph and I am honestly surprised that I have not heard of the Galacticats until now, everyone should listen to them. They are just that good!

Angles - Lysergic Eucharist

Angles is a three piece grind/sludge band from Montreal, Quebec. The members all come from various other bands so in their free time they come together and create these short manifestations of rage which you grab below.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Turn Me On Dead Man - Haters, Space Invaders and Clones

Turn Me On Dead Man is a psychedelic stoner rock band from San Francisco, California. I cant stress the psychedelic bit enough, this is one hell of a trip. Words such as groovy, far out and righteous, come to mind. Mixed along side visions of Austin Powers swirling in a floral vortex, am I suddenly on whatever this band is?

Honestly, this album offers up 20 tracks of killer acid, space rock that will surely bring you a good time, check out Haters, Space Invaders and Clones below.

Goya - Obelisk

Goya is a three piece doom metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. They released their second album just over 24 hours ago and it has been stirring up quite a storm. 'Obelisk' has received brilliant reviews across the net and now that I finally get a chance to sit down with it I can wholeheartedly agree with the others.

This album is a doom metal masterpiece, within you can find elements from all of the classic pioneers of the genre. This is for those Black Sabbath fans, those Electric Wizard fans, and this is for all newcomers to the genre. This is an all you can eat buffet dinner of  doom metal.