Tuesday 14 May 2013

Ink'd: Morgan Joyce

Today in the wonderful world of Ink'd ladies, we bring you Morgan Joyce a 20 year old hair styling vegan model from New Jersey. With body mods that are almost impressive as her online following, Morgan is part of the Ladies of Metal community (noticing a trend yet?) is a huge supporter of animal rights and at the end of the day really doesn't care what you have to say about her!

We discuss the joys of modelling, the pain of tattooing and the general misconception humans have towards pigs. Check it all out below!

As you read, listen to "Shadow Moses" off of the new album from Bring me the Horizon 'Sempiternal'. An album that Morgan would keep close forever.

Do you remember that fateful day when you decided to become an 'alternative' model, what were the reasons behind this decision?
 I never actually decided to be an alternative model. I began modeling when I was about 12, before I started getting tattoos and piercings. So I guess I was a 'regular' model. Then I took a break from modeling during high school. After high school, I started getting tattoos, and even more piercings. And decided to get back into modeling! I figured the time was right and I really missed doing it. 

How many photo shoots do you think you have done so far and how has this lifestyle been treating you? 
Hm, I'm not sure. I haven't counted. But I absolutely love it. I haven't really had any bad experiences *knock on wood* it's a great way to have fun and make some extra cash.

To you, what is the best part of photo shoots? Do you have any memorable or favorite ones? 
The best part for me, other than getting the photos back, is seeing how happy the photographer gets during the shoot. When I do something they like, or they love how the photos are coming out, they always have a huge smile on their face. And that makes me really happy. 
Would you not love this too?

Do you ever stop and think, about how many people in the world have seen you, judged you, or developed a crush on you? 
Sometimes, yeah. I get so many messages a day of people telling me they 'love' me even though they don't know me! It's crazy but I love it.

Easily more than 20 thousand people from your social networks, how surreal is it to have such a fan base? My fan base grows more and more each day. And it's so insane. I don't know how this even happened but I love it so much. My fans are some of the most loving and supportive people I've ever met.. or never met.


At what age did you get your first piece and what was it?
I got both of my feet done the day after my 18th birthday. They are bows with roses in the middle. One foot says "don't look back" and the other says "live life well" on it.  Then there are anchors underneath the lettering to help keep my feet on the ground.
 Was it always your plan to keep getting more and more, or did it become a sort of addiction? It was always a part of my evil plan ! I knew from a young age I wanted to be pretty fully covered in body art.

Could you tell us about a some of your favorite pieces and the stories behind them? I am mighty interested in knowing about Sir. Loinel the pig. (Yeah, I named your tat!)
hahaha he already has a name! And it's just "Sir" :P But Sir Lionel is cool if you want to call him that. Not only do I love pigs, but they are one of the most misunderstood animals. “This place is a pigsty” “That guy is such a fucking pig” “I eat like a pig” etc. But the fact of the matter is, pigs are as smart as 3 year old children. They are smarter than dogs, cats, etc. People think pigs are dirty, gross, etc. They only roll around in mud because they don’t have sweat glands. They use mud as a sun screen to protect their skin and cool themselves off. I could go on and on about how amazing pigs are. And all of the misconceptions that come with them. But I could go on forever. I got a pig with a monocle and a top hat and dressed in a suit, because, he looks like a fucking sir. He doesn’t look like “a dirty pig” or however they are commonly looked upon. He looks smart, proper, well trained, put together, and like he really has a personality. And that’s how all pigs are in reality. They just aren’t lucky enough to be perceived that way.  

He does look like a fuckin' sir!
Another favorite tattoo of mine is the one on my thigh in my moms hand writing. It says "I love you with all my heart, and all my soul, forever and always -Mom" It's something she's said to me every night since I was born. It's done over self-harm scars to represent my recovery as a self harmer. And my third favorite tattoo is the "cruelty free" on the side of my hand. I'm a huge animal rights activist. I leave each day to be the voice for those who are forced to be silenced. And I'll never give up the fight for all earthlings to be equal and be treated with the respect they deserve.

You have tattoos on a lot of different parts, which have been the hardest and easiest to get? Are their any places that are off limits? 
The easiest to get was definitely  behind my ears. The hardest.. well they all suck. But the worst were on my rib/underboob area, the tips of my fingers by my cuticle, and the elbow. There are no places off limits in my book.  
Too many to count.
Do you currently have any ideas in mind for future pieces? 

Yes, I have lots of plans in the works. I always do!

You are no stranger to piercings, how many do you have? 

Currently I have 14.. I think. I've had many more in the past, though.

A hole that big must count for a good 4 piercings.

This is obviously a look and lifestyle that you are proud to be part of, but how have others reacted to it?
My dad absolutely hates it. I can tell how disgusted he is every time I come home with a new tattoo. My mom isn't happy about it, but she loves and supports me no matter what. My friends never have anything to say. Strangers either love it, or hate it. Either way, I don't care what anyone thinks at all.

Stepping away from the tattoo life, how did you discover the Ladies of Metal and what is it like being part of their community?  
I don't even remember how I discovered them. I think it was Facebook a few years ago. It's really amazing being a part of their community. It's a huge sisterhood. I've never met any of them in person (yet) but we all tell each other everything. We go to each other for advice and just, talk about everything! 

You are a fan of Metal correct? Tell us some of your favorite bands or genres.  
I always go back and forth with what music I listen to. For a few months I'll like metal, for a few months I'll only listen to rap. That's just how I am. My favorite band is My Chemical Romance. Always has been, always will be. But lately I've been really liking Like Moths To Flames and Bring Me The Horizon's new album.

If you could choose only 3 albums to listen to for the rest of time, which 3 would you pick? 
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance,  Danger Days by My Chemical Romance, and Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon.

You know the saying 'Never judge a book by its cover? what is something about you, that no one would know by looking at your 'cover'? 
Probably that I'm insanely clumsy. People think that since I'm a model I'm poised or graceful or something. FALSE. I trip all of the time. I drop everything. I am just super super clumsy and sloppy. It's a problem.

Don't worry, those won't be dropping anytime soon.
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