Thursday 12 April 2018

Interview: Kicking Nerve

Kicking Nerve is a punk rock five-piece from Athens, Greece who emerged in 2010. In August last year the band put out their debut album "Bipolar," and we sat down with them for a chat about their beginnings, writing, the album, and more.
What made you go for the name Kicking Nerve?
The name is actually a medical term referring to a nerve in our system that makes a spasm, with no apparent reason. This activity that comes in contrast with the “normal” state of things,we believe, describes our ideas and views about music and every day life. 
How do you usually describe your music?
We prefer the term Punk as a description and even though we like to add elements and influences from several undreground music genres, we feel comfortable with that term as it describes the band’s stance and beliefs. 
What is your writing process like?
We usually don’t follow a fixed pattern. Writing process could start from lyrics or a basic riff, that develops in a tangible composition that stays as close as possible to the feeling of the original idea. What we make sure during that process, is to mix the roles between instruments in such a way in order to provide a clear audible result and deliver our message to the audience loud and clear.
Who or what is your inspiration, if you have any?
Inspiration comes from various channels like events in everyday life, a song or a film but generally anything that ‘kicks’ our senses.

What is your favourite piece on the debut album “Bipolar” and why?
We don’t feel like nominating one of our songs as favourite as they all have their own,individual place in our progress as a band, but as we are in the process of adding new songs to our list we feel that ‘Words Aground’, ‘Circle of Hate’ and ‘Masada’ are the most representative.
What makes “Bipolar” different?
We tried through ‘Bipolar’ album to bridge the gap between the underground punk and post-punk sound of the late 70’s and mid 80’s and the modern approach adding several personal influences from various genres and in that respect we feel that ‘Bipolar’ provides something that is not common to find. 
What should music lovers expect from “Bipolar”?
Loud sound, clear compositions and sincerity.
What kind of emotions would you like your audience to feel when they listen to your music?
We would like people to feel rage, to feel they exit their comfort zone and throw a glass of beer in the process.
Which do you like most, life in the studio or on tour?
Both provide an intense experience as they help us express ideas and behaviors, but live interaction with people is always special and gives further boost to the band.
Pick your three favourite albums that you would take on a desert island with you.
The Clash – London Calling
Bauhaus – In the Flat Field

The Exploited – Horror Epics

"Bipolar" is out now; order it from Bandcamp. Follow Kicking Nerve on Facebook.

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