Thursday 11 October 2012

Ink'd Feature: Maria Brink

You can love the music or you can hate the music but you would be foolish to hate Maria Brink as well. When you picture a pretty face with long blonde hair mixed with the words Heavy Metal you normally don't envision a beautiful woman. Typically you end up imagining something along the lines of Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Maria Brink breaks the cliche and brings a much more feminine side to metal as the front woman of 'In this Moment'. Don't be fooled by her looks, she knows how to scream, shout, and rock as hard as any man in the field and can entice the crowd into some of the biggest circle pits I have ever seen, all while singing in the center. That takes balls!

To top off this package Maria has some killer sweet tattoos but they are very hard to find clear pictures of online.

Her very first tattoo was a small infinity symbol, she got it when she had her son so that whenever they were apart they would still be together, staying together in infinity. She has believe on her hand, she says “It means to believe in something and follow a path so that if anyone who tells you what you can’t do or can't be, then you just have to believe." Her boyfriends name across her back which I could not find a picture for. Flower on her neck, faces on her hands, some script, and a full sleeve. I am sure you are sick of reading so just click on through to see the pics!

May as well listen to her music while you check her out! 

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