Tuesday 12 May 2020

Smoulder Offers you a Quest of Dreams

For anyone who says never judge a book by its cover, why not? Even though 'Smoulder' puts out some of the heaviest doom I have heard in a while, their album art blows me away even more. It immediately had me thinking of Frank Frazetta and those oldschool fantasy worlds. Turns out its an artist by the name of Michael Whelan, so thank you Smoulder for introducing me to an epic artist.

Ok... back to the music.

Smoulder play a triumphant hybrid of epic power doom and traditional metal in the tradition of Tales of Medusa, Gates of Slumber, and Solitude Aeternus. Fantastical heroes yielding mystic swords and arcane sorcery await. This is DnD in music form and don't let anyone tell you that's a bad thing.

Dream Quest Ends  is the first EP released by epic doom band Smoulder. It follows on the heels of their debut 'Times of Obscene Evil & Wild Daring'. 'Dream Quest Ends' is on Side A and features two new tracks & a loving tribute to Manilla Road in "Dream Quest Ends". Side B is a repress of "The Sword Woman" demo from 2018 and includes "The Queen is Gone" on vinyl for the first time.

This is my first taste of Smoulder and I want more so I'm going to head over and check out their full length while you guys can sample this tasty fantasy morsel!


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