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Everyone can agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new talent in today's modern metal scene. In recent years, ...

Words Can't Begin to Describe Rïcïnn

11:36 am Tim Fink 0 Comments

This is something we don't get to hear very often, a unique and brilliant masterpiece of an album. A fusion of so many elements that it becomes its own distinct beast. Make an hours worth of time today and give 'Lïan' a listen, and then take another hour and listen to it again. Its beautiful, mesmerizing, a soundtrack for another world. I'm in love and I am certainly not alone, others are praising this release.

"This is, simply put, the most wonderful album I've heard."
"Every track is an amazing and dark journey on which you can easily lose your way."
"No words enough to describe it. Many thanks for this masterpiece!!"

Honestly, listen to it below and become enraptured.

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