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Burning Churches - Defecation of the Tabernacle EP

8:44 pm Tim Fink 0 Comments

Anarchist Death/Grind mixed with Satanic Black/Doom Metal resulting in a towering unholy inferno of blasphemous aggressions. Former member of Indian and Lord Mantis Bill Bumgardner, Composer, FOH Engineer Bill Fraser, and a professor of electronics and guitar Keven Kalay.

Burning Churches just released a 4 track ep 'Defecation of the Tabernacle' and its fucking awesome. With a name like Burning Churches, one must live up to a certain expectation. These guys, they hit all the marks and just keep on going. The music evokes an 'evil' atmosphere. a sense of paranoia and anxiety takes over the listener and though some will look at this as a simple gimmick, it hooked me instantly.

Check out 'Defecation of the Tabernacle' below.

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