Review: As A Conceit - Frown Upon Us

Everyone can agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new talent in today's modern metal scene. In recent years, ...

"It took a great turn, now a bad turn" Year Zero reviewed by Rappers.

12:37 pm Tim Fink 0 Comments

Gotta hand it to the minds behind this concept, getting a bunch of rappers to sit down with the video for 'Year Zero' from Ghost B.C and talk through what is going on, hilarious! I would love to see more of this, not just rappers but any cross genre reviews. Death metal musicians sit down with country love song? Top 40 pop singer takes on power metal? Someone needs to run with this concept!

Oh and before you play this,be aware there is some nudity so turn your monitors away from prying eyes.

Check out the original, NSFW video below and additional links for Ghost B.C.

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