Review: As A Conceit - Frown Upon Us

Everyone can agree that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new talent in today's modern metal scene. In recent years, ...


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Canadian death thrashers BornBroken are now streaming in full, their debut album. 'The Healing Powers of Hate' is due out next week on June the 4th but you can check it out right now!

On this debut, 'The Healing Powers of Hate', the band keeps with tradition and bring back a true dry metal sound, upfront loud guitars, drums in your face and a singer that can be distinguished from the rest to deliver an experience where the broken shall rise.

Through the sounds of beating skins, metal strings and broken chords, BornBroken plays out not only what life gives them but also what they want to give back: truth, integrity, perseverance, loyalty and faith in humanity’s struggle for equality.

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