Sunday, 21 October 2018

Review: Vane - Black Vengeance

“Born Again,” starts off Black Vengeance — a debut album by Krakow-based melodic death metal pirates VANE —  with some fascinating instrumentation and melodies, creating the sense that we as listeners are about to be treated navigating through the stormy seas on a pirate ship. “Edge of the Cutlass” and “I Am Your Pain” kick in with a head bang worthy riffs whilst slowly dancing around the seems, the instrumentation is on point. The vocals snarl into life with brutal efficiency and ensure that the listener is hooked from the get-go.  “Death’s Season” is a snarling monster that creates brutal melodies and builds up on the heat.
“Spilling Guts” is another song that comes in with the perfect melodies, then moves into absolute epic territory. The guitars lead that charge, galloping into absolute bedlam, whilst the vocals snarl and bite with efficiency. Speaking of which, this piece features guest vocalist Ewa Pitura who is contrasting Marcin Parandyk in quite a thrilling way. 
Filled with soaring melodies and riffs, dancing grooves, biting snakes, and a forge filled with fire,  Black Vengeance is a fine piece of music from a band that’s just starting. The future is bright!

Black Vengeance  is out on November 30th. Pre-order here.

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