Wednesday 17 October 2018

Review: Project Sapiens - Here We Are

Copenhagen’s progressive metal duo PROJECT SAPIENS have launched their debut EP “Here We Are” in August, comprised of “music and lyrics inspired by human emotions, historic events and technology that will shape the future of mankind.

Put simply, “Here We Are” is moving. What this release has is a tangible atmosphere of bittersweet nostalgia that seems to — in some way — sum up the band’s tendency. At its best the album conjures powerful and, more importantly, genuine feelings of reminiscence. “Here We Are” feels as an epic soundtrack for daydreams, reminiscent and introspective.

Sonically, “Here We Are” feels like a mixture of influences from Porcupine Tree, Soundgarden, Opeth, Vola and Pink Floyd with an accent on atmosphere rather than technical proficiency, although composer and multi-instrumentalist Poul Jakobsen and singer Mads Rahbaek do provide some very skilful and tight performance here.

The compositions, atmospheres, and musicality of “Here We Are” is exellent. “Keepers of the Realm,” the EP’s closing piece is one of the band’s best tracks here, and title track is one of the most enveloping performances on record. PROJECT SAPIENS’ prowess at creating beautiful atmosphere and songs is at top game. Its laid back, deep, layered, and has a very airy, spacey theme throughout the entirety of the record.

Get a copy of “Here We Are” from Bandcamp.

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