Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Verdict Is In, I Am Noah Play Some Brutal Deathcore

I am Noah is a German Deathcore band who have created a fictional character 'Noah' who through the lyrics wants to expose the nature of our cruel society. In their words;

 "I Am Noah and I’m tired. I’m tired of people who distinguish themselves with their income, uniform, skincolour, religion, gender or nationality to affect everything and everyone. I’m tired of being closely watched. I’m tired of living in a society, which dictates who to be or not. I’m tired of facing people’s failure in their attempt of making life better, whilst being deported and called illegal or haunted just because of their religion. I’m tired.. I’m done. I just wanna abscond from this routine. Who’s in?I Am Noah. Who are you?"

Intense eh? Check out their debut album 'the Verdict' below.

Check out more of I Am Noah.


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