Tuesday 14 June 2016

Surgikill Brings Us Classic Heavy Metal With A Blackened Touch

Surgikill is spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from Impetigo and is inspired by all of the right stuff: the horror/gore atmosphere of Autopsy, the evil vibe of Incantation, the neck-breaking speed of Repulsion and Terrorizer, and the heaviness of old Scandinavian death metal such as Grave, Crematory, Funebre, and Demigod. Lyrically and concept-wise, Surgkill are inspired by the video nasties of the early '80s, old-school Italian horror, revenge films, post-apocalyptic images, and mental decay themes.

I love the blackened heavy metal sound and Surgikill perform it to perfection.The speed, the growls, the all around atmosphere, god damn its good. Check out their Sanguinary Revelations debut below.

Check out more of Surgkill.


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