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Ink'd: Olivia Dantes

Jesse Alford Photography
Olivia Dantes is an internationally Published Cover Model and Burlesque Performer, appearing in over 30 different publications. She is also a spokes model for the Ladies of Metal.

In our brief Q&A session we learn a bit more about the Ladies of Metal organization as well as a quick look into the mind of Olivia.

What made you want to model and when did you first start modeling?
   I started modeling about 3 years ago. I was always an artistic person. I studied with every medium; painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. And I loved it all. So modeling was just another art form to me. I just fell in love with it. I don't need any tools to create my art. My body is my art. And I love that.

Jellyfish Jones Photography
 What has been your favorite,least favorite or most embarassing photo shoot?
    I don't think I've ever had an "embarrassing" photoshoot. I've definitely have had shoots were I have been cold, uncomfortable, hungry, etc. But that just comes with the job. Of course, when you do certain poses, sometimes you fart, you know. But every professional photographer and model are used to it. I think it's pretty expected.

How does it feel, to be seen and judged by hundreds of people from all around the world?
    Interesting question. Of course, no one likes to be seen in a negative light. There's always going to be someone, somewhere who doesn't like what I do.  Lucky for me, the majority of my followers seem to enjoy my work, and the concepts I think up. I have pretty amazing fans. Everyone's been really supportive.

Bad Bones Photography
When did you discover the Ladies of Metal, what made you decide they were right for you?
    I've been a Lady of Metal for about a year or so now. A friend of mine (and also LOM model) Tracy Graves, told me about it. There are a lot of "promotional modeling groups" out there, but LOM is really unique in a sense that  it is a non-profit group created by women, and ran by women to support local artists. We are using our "hot girl power" (for lack of a better term) to promote the talents of others. All the ladies communicate on a daily basis, and have a strong female bond. They are like my sisters, even though we all live around the country. It's a great positive atmosphere, and we have a great sense of community. When a women becomes a "Lady of Metal", they are welcomed with open arms and join a family. There is no competition, and everyone is treated as fair as possible. It's a very positive, strong, environment.

For you, what is the appeal of the metal subculture?
    It's subcultures in general I find interesting. It's awesome that everyone has there own niche and how the subcultures can be so different from each other, or not very different at all. It's discovering who you are, and where you belong.

Tattoos are almost a necessary part of the culture, tell me a bit about yours? i.e. Your first, your favorite, most painful, any you may regret, future ideas?
    My first tattoo was a little daisy on my wrist. My favorite tattoo Is my pig-nosed bat on my shin.  I've always had a fascination with bats. The most painful...I've never had any that were unbearable. The one behind my ear hurt,but not so much I wouldn't do it again. I like the feeling of being tattooed. It's like pain therapy. I get put into a trance. The sound is calming. and I know the reward will be worth every minute. I don't have any tattoos I regret./ Maybe, ones I might change a bit. But I am happy with them all.
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Lauren Wilkinson Photography
Do you feel that society has become more open to tattoos and the lifestyle commonly associated with them?
    I definitely think the office and workplace environment has gotten a lot more lenient on tattoos and piercings. It's just the way fashion is moving toward. I think the majority of my generation and the one before me are tattooed. It's rare to find someone who is not.

How about your family? Are they alright with piercings, ink and the 'alternative'?
    Almost everyone in my family are tattooed. The only person who was against it was my mother. So I made sure of of my first tattoos said "Mama". No, she wasn't to thrilled.

Tragic Glamour Photography
 You know the saying, 'Never judge a book by its cover'. Tell us something about you that we would never guess by looking at your cover.
    I am an animal lover, a  burlesque performer, a garage sailer, a cosplayer, a yard sailer, a shopaholic, an arts and crafter, a costume designer, and an oddity collector.

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