Monday 21 January 2013


The portuguese quartet 'Savanna' was formed in 2012 by Miguel Vilhena, Pedro Castilho, Tiago Vilhena and João Seixas. United by the passion for Soundtrack masters like Goblin, Carpenter or Morricone they refined their music with sparkles of "pink floydish" ambiences.

According to the band, Savanna was born under the influence of surrealism and psychedelia from another age, prog soundtracks for analog synth-infused epic films. The blend was perfected into hypnotic and distant ambiences, sprinkled with a heavy dose of rock and roll.
These days it seems like music is being over-rationalized and boxed into predefined categories. Savanna emerges from this frame in a shroud of haziness, raising doubt - after all, the mother of all creation.
Savanna has dreamt the future, and they shall bring it back.

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