Monday, 21 January 2013


Njiqahdda is an atmospheric black metal duo blending psychedelic rock, ambient and many other styles into their unique sound which deals with meditation, spirituality, nature, transcendence.

Njiqahdda consists of 2 musical entities; Njiqahdda and Njiijn. They are one in the same, just expressed through audio differently. Njiijn explores many types of percussive ambience.

Njiqahdda speaks its own artistic language far removed from decipherable convention - there are no allusions to nationalism, satanism or the occult to be pulled out from here. It’s pure and all-consuming catharsis, a rare and raw specimen of rock completely separated from image and meaning, one focused only on the exploding pools of color inside the mind’s eye.

Man these guys have a billion split and ep releases.  The latest can be found below.

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