Friday 23 November 2012

Livid and the Bloodthirsty

Formed in 2011 Livid and the Bloodthirsty have been kicking up clouds of smoke around the GTA. Coming from Brampton, Ontario LATB has share the stage with acts such as the Agonist and Cryptopsy, gaining momentum and establishing a name in local bars in and out of the city. 

Having just released an official demo ep, LATB is finally ready to share their music with the world and help improve an ever growing fanbase. Below you will find the demo available to stream, Opening track 'Gear Up' is in my opinion the best track and I believe the newest. If LATB continue making songs like this one then I see bright days ahead, or would they be dark days? Thats more METAL!

The band has a wide range of influences spanning various genres and they have all helped tailor the deathcore-esque, groove metal sound. With hints of black metal, death metal and thrash...well just check it out for yourself after the jump!

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