Friday 16 November 2012


A refreshing reminder of the good times!

Newest Spinalonga Records/Body Blows co-release, Cube just released their self-titled debut LP digitally and on vinyl 12” in a limited pressing (250 copies).

In the midst of the economic crisis in Greece, Cube are releasing what seems like a 90’s heavy rock revival. Focused on groove and straight-up heavy rock, the band delves into prog-rock experimentation but never loses the grungy aesthetic that cuts through the entire album.

The quartet have released a few tracks over the years on various compilations such as the ‘In the Junkyard’ series -featuring fellow greek acts the Dive, Planet of Zeus, the Bliss, Nightstalker among others- (Spinalonga Records, Greece) and the ‘Rock ‘n Roll Blvd vol.1’ -featuring bands like Honcho, Monkey 3, Kayser and more- (Buzzville Records, Belgium).

A lot of music that is sent my way consists of demos, rough mixes, people needing to find a name for themselves. In a case such as Cube, I am blown away. This is a solid, well crafted work of stoner rock that could proudly sit on a shelf beside, Kyuss, QotSA, and all those other classics. Greece is kicking total ass in the heavy rock revival scene so whatever you do, do not pass this album by! Check it out after the jump.

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