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Interview time with Orloff

Orloff is making waves in the death metal community. Signed to Razorback records they play atmospheric, guttural death that has become a common style associated with the label. With a successful demo tape and a full length coming out this Friday, Orloff is gaining speed this Halloween season, they couldn't ask for any better time.

Waldemar and Assassin took time out of their day to sit down and have a little Q&A with me,  check it and their music out after the jump! 

As you read the interview you can stream their 3 track demo and enjoy the full Orloff experience.

1. Who are you?
 Waldemar: I’m Waldemar De Marnac, lead vocalist for the band Orloff.
Assassin: Six String slaughter and Grim Proceedings

2. Where are you from?
Waldemar: The grave!!
Assassin: Places of unknown origins

3. What do you do?
Waldemar: I do the lead growls for the band, mostly the lower sounding vocals you hear, but also some of the high, raspy sounding stuff as well. We have another vocalist in the band also named Alucarda who does a variety of growls and screams as well.
Assassin: Hellish strings of doom!

4. Why do you do this?
Waldemar: I’ve been a fan of underground metal music all my life, as well as being a die hard horror fanatic. I wanted to be in a band that was all about the kind of horror I’m the biggest fan of, namely the films of Hammer studios, Paul Naschy, Amicus films, Spanish horror, etc. Orloff has been the perfect match for me.
Assassin: Because heavy metal is the LAW!

5. Orloff, to any fan of Horror that name brings forth images of Nosferatu. Is that the inspiration behind the name? 
Waldemar: Actually, the inspiration comes from Spanish horror films, namely The Awful Dr. Orloff directed by Jess Franco in the early 60’s. But the name is really just a cool sounding name I think, and something original for a death metal band I believe. We didn’t want the typical name.

6. Looking at names, your whole band has some interesting ones. Assassin, Waldemar De Marnac, Alucarda Bellows, Coffin Fiend. Whats the story behind these names? 
Waldemar: I can’t really speak for every member, but my name is inspired by the great Spanish horror king, Paul Naschy. It’s a mix of two of his most infamous characters from his films. This man did some of the best and most atmospheric European horror movies ever and has been a huge influence for the band. We recorded the song “Crimson Deathshroud” in his honor.
Assassin: Pure cult horror!!!

7. You play a relentless form of death metal with the added touch of that creepy organ sound. What are the inspirations behind this music? Bands? Movies?
Waldemar: Cheers for your good words! The organ sounds are a huge part of our band and really helps to add an element of classic horror to our music. Definitely the old Universal horror films like Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Phantom of the Opera, as well as the later Hammer horror films, have all helped to inspire our concept. Musically, our style is a mix of various death metal and classic metal bands we’ve loved since we were kids. It’s hard to name bands though, as I really think we’ve tried to avoid all of that name dropping stuff, though I can say that vocally I was very influenced by the first albums from bands such as Incantation, Demigod, and the old Swedish death metal band Crematory. I try to do my own thing, though.
Assassin: I say straight Hammer worship! Music wise, it's bands like Public Assassin, Mercyful Fate, Death, Candlemass, etc.

8. Your three track demo 'Swamp of the Ravens' was very well recieved, and your debut 'Apparitions Among the Graveyard Skies' is coming out next week. What can you tell us about the new album?
Waldemar: The album is still very much along the same lines as the demo, just more expanded with more variety. The demo was a lot more doomy and slow, where the album has more fast parts, thrashy parts, more death metal, etc. We don’t want people to think we’re just another horror movie watching doom metal band. We’re much more than that I think. We tried to capture the horror sound and combine it with a classic death metal feeling without being too wrapped up in trying to be the most “retro” band around. The album will really surprise a lot of people I think looking for something different in today’s stagnated underground.
Assassin: It's pure old school horror worship with great musicianship, creepy acoustic parts, organs of death, doom hammers from hell!!

9. The artwork on it is amazing, who designed it?
Waldemar: Cheers again! An incredible artist we discovered online named Mario Lopez from Guatemala. He’s a huge King Diamond fan, as are we, and we really think that influence really shows in his work. It’s very morbid, dark, but very pleasing to the eye in the way a classic Iron Maiden album cover was in the 80’s. (Soon as I saw the album I actually thought of Iron Maiden covers!)

10. Using audio clips from movies has become common practice in recent death metal records, at the end of 'Crimson Deathshroud' there is one. Where is it from and do clips play a major significance in the upcoming album? 
Waldemar: That helped to fit the ending of our Paul Naschy tribute song. We don’t really get into the sound sample thing as much as other bands sometimes do, but we do have them in parts here and there sprinkled throughout the album, but mostly to help enhance the mood and feel of the song. We definitely do not want to bore the listener!

 11. Orloff has recently been signed to Razorback Records, was this the place you wanted to be when you first formed the band? 
Waldemar: We were very focused on getting our demo out there and weren’t really looking for an album deal. Razorback approached us with a lot of enthusiasm and we were very inspired to make the best possible debut album we could for them. We’re very proud of it and hope others will enjoy it as well.
Assassin: I really dig Razorback! It fits us perfect! True horror maniacs!

12. What's it like being part of the Razorback family?
Waldemar: We’re honored to be releasing an album with a label that has done so much for horror inspired metal over the past decade. I mean, there has been so many bands who have started on this label that have gone on to become bigger bands. We’re not looking to become so big and known, as we’re all veterans of the underground scene and realize what it takes to become “big” these days. We’re mainly interested in making music we love and wearing our love for the horror stuff we’re truly into on our shoulders.  
Assassin: Feels great for me, some great bands and releases on that label!!

13. Halloween is right around the corner, are you a big fan of the occasion?
Waldemar: Halloween is our religion! We live for this day, but then again, every day is Halloween for Orloff!
Assassin: Everyday for me is HALLOWEEEEEEN!!!

14. What is your opinion on piracy and music sharing? With the album coming out soon I'm sure it is just a matter of time before it hits the net. 
Waldemar: It’s absolute bullshit. I do music because I’m a fan and want to see my stuff actually PRESSED and physically RELEASED. Digital downloading is the most sad, pathetic thing ever for metal music. We’re hoping our music will be appreciated by people who actually like to BUY and OWN our releases instead of some mp3’s on their hard drive. If we can’t get our music released on actual printed formats, then we will cease to exist. I know some bands don’t care anymore and will settle for downloading only. I will never be in a band like that. NO way in hell.
Assassin: TRUE metal heads BUY releases!!!

15. Let's imagine for a moment you are trapped on an island. You only have 3 albums with you, forever. Which 3 do you choose? 
Waldemar: Hmmm, I’ll have to say Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” for death metal, Metallica’s “Kill ‘em All” for thrash, and King Diamond’s “Them” for pure horror heavy metal!
Assassin: Public Assassin "Raw As Fuck", Mercyful Fate "Melissa", and Death "Human"!

Those are some great albums, I almost have to agree with Waldemars pick, nice!

That's pretty much it, I hope you enjoy the questions and I appreciate the time you have given me. Any last words to all of your now and future fans? 
Waldemar: I really appreciate the interview. This is actually the very first interview we have done for Orloff. We’re very excited to see our debut album released this month. We worked very hard on it and are thrilled to see it finally coming out after months of effort put into it. We hope metal, as well as horror fans, enjoy it. Cheers again for the support!
Assassin: STAY HEAVY!

Well guys, I'm glad I took your interview cherry. When this new record drops I'm sure you will be asked to do more, hopefully this one was a good one! Cheers!

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