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Interview Time with Fondlecorpse

Sick and twisted Death Metal at its finest, that's Fondlecorpse in a nutshell. Part of the Razorback Records family the band has its roots deeply in the occult, sleaze, and violence of the 80's horror genre along with many nostalgic pop culture favorites. The man behind all this is Silvester the Goregnome Koorevaa, Silvester took some time to sit down with us at Metalhorizons to dish out the best interview to date. Combining humor, wisdom and self empowering advice, its a real eye opener towards the mind behind such a deranged art form. 

Blood? check. Zombies? check. Boobs? Check? He-Man? Check. Bad ass death metal? check. This interview has it all so check it out after the jump and prepare to have a great time!

Let the mutants attack as you read the interview!

1. Who are you?
I am Silvester. from the band Fondlecorpse, Who or what am i? well i would say a couch potato, a recluse and shut in, horror fiend, collector, devourer of movies, and all round fulltime mutant and somewhat of a misanthrope.

2. Where are you from?
I reside in the Netherlands now in a small town near Rotterdam. Pretty much always lived around here. I have been trying to find where they established the new Midian, i might move there when possible.

3. What do you do?
I am the vocalist for Fondlecorpse and i can be blamed for writing the lyrics and vomiting them forth on music and putting together and thinking up the concepts and albums and related nastiness.

4. Why do you do this?
I do this because it is in my blood, i am always working on something music related or creative and helping people out with their music. I guess i need to do this as much as i need to eat and drink. I got notebooks filled with songs i wrote and whole ideas and concepts written out, shirt designs and whatever else pops in my head i am always doing something music related in some way or form. I guess if you have that drive it just is in you for the rest of your life and you live for it. The need to create is always there. And it keeps me sane as a form of escapism from this shit world and it’s just all round awesome to do. It just is fun to create something from nothing and have small concepts slowly flourish into something bigger and see where it goes.

5. Tell me a bit about the names, Goregnome, Fondlecorpse,  how do these come into existence?
The Goregnome according to google. 
The Goregnome is an alias i was given many years ago. It started as the Gore Dwarf because i am a short, fat, with a beard and would have been a bad ass addition to the Fellow ship of the Ring or the Hobbit! hahaha, and the Gore part is because i was known for having more gore horror movies then any local video rental place and that was before the internet and dvd and it was hard for kids to get their hands on the latest video nasties so if you had a good collection word got out and I would have horror marathons all the time with friends sharing the horror and gore with my fellow horrorhounds. That name eventually evolved over a few years to the Goregnome because that sounds more smooth i guess and easier to remember and say i guess for people, someone might or might not have had that idea when watching Braindead/Dead Alive. Anybody who has seen that will remember the scene that is one of the inspirations. So it is a part of who i am and i use it proudly, it is fitting and many people know me now under that alias these days even more then my real name hahaha.

Fondlecorpse comes from a random drawing i did in the start of the 90s of a chick Fondling a Corpse and i wrote Fondlecorpse and figured that would be a funny bandname, also back then you had a fuckload of bands popping up with Corpse in the name so it is also a nod to the times. It is short, funny, to the point and easy to remember, and i still think its a funny name that seems to stick in peoples minds, so after all these years i am still pleased with it. Maybe i will use that drawing on a release some day so people can see where the name came from.

6. Obviously you’re a huge fan of Horror and everything it encompasses. What draws you to this genre? What are a couple of your favorite Horror Movies?
Well i am a 70’s kid that grew up all through the 80s and we all know that was a magical time especially for horror. It was the age of the splattermovies, the gross outs, the VHS boom, and the cheesy fantastic era of creatures and monsters. Even the cartoons were filled with monsters and mutants and such, Jace and the Wheeled warriors? Mutating plant creatures killing everything in sight? Inhumanoids? Blackstar?, He-man? Thundercats? the list is endless! How could any kid growing up in that time not be influenced by such greatness and have their minds warped to worship at the altar of horror, nastiness, mutants and all round weirdness!!! haha. I remember seeing Return of the Living dead for the first time Tarman his face melting in the barrel man.... shit like that scared the fuck out of you as a child (and now Tarman is one of my favorite characters). Oh good times! Once you get hooked, you are hooked for life and i gladly indulge in the genre over and over and over! I am a horror fiend to the grave!

And well, this question always spells disaster because ill go off listing shit and then have to edit the fuckload of pages i wrote to get it down to a “decent size” answer haha. The problem is i devour this stuff, even when i am working on stuff there is always some movie playing in the background, all genres and subgenres and for every subgenre i have lists of favorites also. But damn man it’s all good, The usual suspects like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet, Halloween, hell all the old Carpenter stuff is GOLDEN, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and other early Tobe Hooper, Fulci his catalogue including his cheesy shit, all the classic zombie movies from Romero, ROTLD, Phantasm series, Slasher movies, Giallo’s from Dario and his contemporaries, creature movies Critters, Ghoulies, Gremlins, Anything from Carl Beuchler, Most shit from The Empire movies catalog, Wizard movies, Vestron, Hammer Horror, Anything Lee, Price, Cushing, Donald Pleasance, Amicus movies, Swamp Thing, Deranged, Maniac, Everything by Hennenlotter like Basketcase, Frankenhooker, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, House, The Re-animator, everything 70’s Occult and Gothic Horror, Exploitation, Drive In Movies, Predator, Alien, Creepshow, Kaiju movies, Old Troma like the Toxic Avenger, CHUD, The Stuff, The Blob, Demons, Pumpkinhead, Frankenstein and Universal Monsters in general, Monster Squad, The Deadly Spawn, Abel Ferera movies, Bad Taste, Braindead, Meet the Feebles, Delamorte Delamorte, Lifeforce, The Howling, Near dark, Animal Revenge flicks, Bava, Jaws, Spaghetti westerns, hell man i could keep going forever listing shit i love haha and this is just what comes to mind right now at this moment. And i am sure i am forgetting a fuckload even in this list of bad ass stuff. I just love it all and can never get enough of it ever!!! No way could i ever make a shortlist ever hahaha i just love too many movies too much haha.

7. Gremlins, Critters, Garbage Pail Kids, 80’s cartoons, the ‘softer’ side of horror plays a major role in your life. Does this influence the music as well?
It influences the music in the fact that it is also a part of things i like and that inspire me and is part of who i am so it trickles through. But when it does i always give it my own warped twist to it. Don’t expect me to ever write weak stuff though, this is still ugly deathmetal, i just use some of it to do warped jokes and takes on stuff. I mean garbage pail kids have people exploding in hilarious ways and make the gruesome funny that is something you can take into the music. Isn’t life itself a big cosmic joke where you get born to die. Humor keeps you alive, so people who are serious all the time i have no clue how they even survive. They probably are sitting in a  corner 24-7 being boring crying babies and have very boring lives. I rather raise some hell and have a few laughs while i am on this rotten globe. My tools of the trade are just different then most, being a champion for the outcast the creatures and the mutants of society. Also Creatures are my preferred tools to eradicate humanity with. I hate people mostly so i don’t want to have them in songs as the protagonist too much, i rather have a horde of drunk maniacal little creatures fucking shit up. That shit makes me smile. Also i don’t adhere to any rules of today’s scene, i do whatever the fuck i want and do not need to prove anything at all with my music. I don’t do todays Herd Conformity in metal. Wear this, do that, conform to these rules if you want to be famous and get people to buy your shit, how about you suck it? I love it when people like what i do but i am not here to please anybody. But everybody is invited to my party and free to enjoy themselves kinda deal haha.

8. Comics, Toys, Cartoons? Are you really as deranged as the music makes us think?
One thing that i am for sure is random as fuck hahaha or some call it eccentric i guess. But you can never have too many interests i think. I can go from reading a comic to thumbing the latest Alarma zine. Go from reading some sci-fi pulp book to digging into philosophical occult books and tomes. From watching an episode of Thundercats to popping in some of the most deranged fucked up exploitation movies or gore movies. Keeps life interesting i think. Never be predictable i say! Why limit yourself? Sometimes people give me shit for some of the stuff i dig, but fuck em i don’t apologize or am ashamed of anything i collect or enjoy. They usually are either afraid to admit they like stuff that doesn’t fit with “their serious and “i am evil” image” and afraid it might make em look human instead of the rockstars they pretend to be or are just narrow minded and never read a decent book their whole life. Must suck to lead a limited small minded life and never learn something new and never expanding your mind or having to keep a big part of your life a secret. I pity those people who can’t stand up for themselves. Some people look at my collections of stuff and must think i am some deranged mass murderer or weird madman ahhaha. I just figure i got broad interests in random odd and morbid stuff and if that makes me an oddity so be it. I am who i am i don’t bend my knee to nobody, and doing concessions is for the weak. Be true to yourself and fuck whatever anybody else thinks are things to live by for me personally.

9. I see something in common on all your album art, blood, monsters and scantily clad ladies. Why
is this such a great combo?
Ah to answer this i must divulge some stuff i am working on too. Props to being the first person to ask me this question and asking me outright after noticing. Mainly it is no secret i am a huge b-movie horror fan. And it all comes down to the three B’s that make a b-movie successful and no movie is complete without! namely BLOOD BOOBS & BEAST! so you could see it as my own tribute to the laws of B-movies haha and it also is the name of a documentary about the late and great Don Dohler. And BLOOD BOOBS AND BEAST is the name of the next full length i have been working on and been writing material for and will someday hopefully see the light of day once i deem it ready. But yeah it is one of the many sneaky ways i pay homage to the genre!

10. Before becoming part of Razorback Records how difficult was it to get your sound our there and heard? I hear there were many line up problems.
Well i have always been a DIY style musician, i refuse to take shortcuts or screw people over to get somewhere which seems to be a big part of music these days. So it is a longer road to get to where you wanna be, but it is more satisfying once you do get there. I never was allergic to hard work and am fiercely independent. All the first releases were self released with my buddy “treeman” from Oakking Records helping out a little. And pretty much did everything myself, ran a metal distro, did zines, and just being active in every aspect of the underground. What can i say i like the interaction with people and working on stuff myself and that way everything on a release is saturated with my own blood sweat and tears. And not just something thrown together by a stranger. The biggest way our stuff gets out is word of mouth really and personal interaction with fellow fiends and hard work We are too weird to generally be embraced by the printed media, we are banned from stores for being offensive i guess, so our legion of friends are the ones who keep us going. And we appreciate each and every one of them.
    We did get label offers early on but they all wanted to release something cheap looking crap quality and no full color covers and shit so i said well fuck off then and did it myself and made them the best they could be and good quality. While on a label it would have been half assed and only geared up to make them money and thus made as cheap as possible. Sure i lost money doing those releases the way i did, but at least i ended up with stuff i could be proud off and didn’t screw the fans with inferior releases. Also in a way i kinda don’t care too much about trivial stuff like being known. I make music because i want to, if people like it it is awesome and they will find it, if they don’t well they don’t haha.
    Line-ups have changed over the years, but it happens. People come and they go it is the nature of things, guys got married got kids and shit like that. And finding a steady drummer has proved to be difficult, most albums have session drummers we used. But you learn to work around problems and get shit done. If you are determined you make shit happen one way or the other even if it is always an uphill battle. Being in an underground band is not for pussies it is hard work and your only reward most of the time is making music you love to do. And more often then not it is a moneypit you got to keep shoveling more money into.

11. How was it joining Razorback and essentially creating a whole new sub genre of metal?
Mainly it was more working together with good friends and based on a mutual love for horror movies and and a handshake that made it “official” those many years ago. Wasn’t as much joining a label as much as just hanging with friends and having some fun making cool stuff. I was there almost from the start and involved in helping with a lot of behind the scenes stuff. Helping bands out, writing lyrics, conceptualizing shit, help shape how some releases look, promotions, etc etc. Especially back then things that got done were new and fresh and i guess a new sort of sub genre indeed. The new thing and what is my niche is basing my stuff on nostalgia and 80’s gross out creature flicks. I think i was and am one of the few if not now only one doing that stuff really still for the most part. And of course i have my characters and their whole own world that pop up all the time with full mythology and backstories, More will happen with that in the future. Of course in metal there is a limit to how original you can be, but the thing that sets you apart will be how you present it to differentiate yourself from the rest. Make it your own and give it your own twist. Inspired by many but sounding like nobody else.

11. You have a couple of splits released the Blood and Popcorn ep and the Creaturegore full length. What has been the proudest career defining moment so far?
Hmmm i think that would have to be recording the song Hideous on the Creaturegore CD where i do dual vocals with Stevo from Impetigo. If you would have told me i would be friends with Stevo and do a song together with him someday and of course with Mark, i would have never believed it. That and meeting up with Stevo and Mark and the rest of the guys at their one off reunion gig years ago was an amazing time for sure! Impetigo taught the corpse how to run their shit and always be down to earth and remember it is about fun and friends, not fame and cash.

13. For a new listener to your music, what track would you recommend them to try first?
Hmmm from the Blood and Popcorn MCD probably “What is in the basket” that one always seems to be a track people dig a lot (guess the movie that is from) and “Twice the Hate Twice the Carnage” seems to be a fave of people, and from the Creaturegore CD it would probably be “The Nightbreed” or “Sluts and Bolts”.  Though it really depends on the person but these seem to be more universally liked by most. Since Halloween is coming up maybe our Halloween track “The night he came home” would be a good one for the season!!

14.What does the future hold for Fondlecorpse? Any new releases coming out? Any secrets you can divulge?
We just sent the split 7” material to the label for a release we share with the awesome guys in Embalming Theatre. That should be released somewhere in the near future and features two brand new tracks. One track is called “Set the drill to kill” and is based on the awesome Abel Ferrara movie Driller Killer. And a second track based on the movie The Funhouse from Tobe Hooper! i think the tracks came out pretty bad ass so hopefully people enjoy it. Secrets hmmm well we also have been working on a track for a collaboration with a zombie comic book called Zombie Commando’s From Hell. I am finishing the lyrics for that at the moment. And slowly working out the material for a split cd that is in the works. We got more stuff planned but this is the stuff that is actively being worked on at the moment.

15.Being a fan of underground culture and music, know any bands that you think deserve more attention?
Hmm some new bands that look promising is shit like Orloff, Upcoming project from some dutch fiends called Bleeding Gods, Then a band like Horror soundtrack band Anima Morte needs to get more attention they are bad ass, my buddies in Goregast, that band is underrated and their latest album will shred your face off!!! A band like Offal  from Brazil they will go places. And i would say people should dig up small underground bands and look past just the bands offered in big magazines or those who get exposure, there are a lot of small bands with talented people in it doing amazing stuff but they get overlooked a lot. To me small bands with no pressures do the most innovative stuff once big labels get involved its all watered down, got to find the rough raw bands that still just RAGE, bands that are hungry! Go out and take a chance on stuff, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised, and support small labels digging up gems that no big label will touch.

16. Piracy, what is your stance on it?
Piracy is a part of music. If someone is really poor and wants to hear the cd they can grab it. I know what it is to be pennyless it is our gift to you from one poor struggling fucker to another, if someone wants to listen to it first before buying that is cool too i am all for that. It kinda is like tapetrading i guess in the past, only sad part to me is this has no social element to it or the magic of snailmailing a friend a parcel with a letter, stickers, flyers and a cool mixtape with cool bands you discovered though. Just remember if you like the music and band and want them to continue, consider supporting them and buy something from them. Especially for underground bands this is more important than most would think. We are just as poor as you are working shitty low wage jobs, living paycheck to paycheck and trying to save money to keep releasing cool stuff and going back into a studio, making the new march and give away and giving you more cool tunes. And support could be as simple as just spreading the word on them, going to their webpage and telling them you love what they do, send them a letter, interact with them, at least give something to the band if only some words of support it does not have to be money, even some kind words will be totally appreciated by many small bands and make their day. Don’t treat a hard working small band with disrespect by treating something they poured their soul into as a throw away commodity.

17.If you became trapped on an island and only had three albums to listen to for the rest of time, which three would you want?

That is a hard one but three i would definitely have on my raft while i paddle to the island through shark infested waters and i would jam in my soon to be built robinson crusoe ewok treehouse would be.

Impetigo - Horror of the Zombies
Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos
Autopsy - Severed Survival

I always have these on heavy rotation around here anyways, they never get old EVER not even after all these many years. They will be good party music while i headbang with my volleyball Mr Wilson after i go loopy. My Mr Wilson will be superior because he will be throwing the devil horns with a small twig hand.

18.Halloween is coming up, are you a big fan of it? Got any cool costume ideas?
Halloween is a great time of year though at my place it is Halloween 24-7 hahaha why limit the ghoulish times only to one month! haha but yeah man i love it. Though sadly around here there is no real Halloween tradition really. So i just have my own Halloween party and movie marathons. I did get to be in the states for October one time and it was awesome and all the shops filled with Halloween crap. It was so fucking awesome hahaha. Hope to celebrate some more Halloweens in the states in the future. As a costume idea hmmmmm maybe Snake Plissken or McCready hahaha be a bad ass at the parties!! Once i went to a local Halloween party and dressed up as Jason and drinking beer through a straw in my mask makes me feel for poor Jason. With a mask melted to your face it is hard to enjoy a beer or pizza! No wonder he is so pissed and angry all the time!

19.You strike me as a man who has thought this through, what would you do in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse?
Fuck yeah, I got my bug out bag ready to go man! my machete and baseball bat with nails is ready to go! blunt force trauma! the gift that keeps on giving! Shotgun would be nice if i can find one then i don’t have to aim and explode heads Evil dead Ash style! Once shit hits the fan barricade the house, crush the stairs and camp out on the second or third floor. Wait for the initial panic to pass and see everybody run for the cities. Loot for food and usable shit around the neighbourhood and then i am outta here to the country side and get away from the cities haha to somewhere secure. I am not giving away my prospective hide-outs of course. Avoid places where people flee to and breeding grounds of major Zombie explosions like hospitals and such, those will become major zombie feeding grounds in no time. And then when i am done setting up a final base camp...... start the war against the undead!

20. I am sure you have been asked this a thousand times but would you actually fondle a corpse?
Not on a first date, maybe if she buys me dinner and gets me drunk, sneaky corpses!!!! Only last week i got seduced by a know, a Mummy I’d Like to Fuck. Oh Nefreti you temptress waving those bandages around. The undead are so sneaky always looking for a slap and a tickle.

Well that’s about it, I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity! Before I go, you have any last words for your fans?
Hey Tim, no problem at all the pleasure was all mine, thank you very much for the opportunity and cool questions and support. And Cheers and Thanks for anybody who likes what we do and reading this and if anybody got curious and wants to check us out find us on the usual social websites and add us on Facebook, Myspace,Twitter etc etc and stuff if you want! THANKS!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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