Monday, 20 April 2020

Review: Overlaps - In Your Room

Nothing is more challenging in music than new names in a genre, especially if there are great guitar solos. Alternative rock, just like its title, as a genre always remains thirsty for something new.

Overalps is one of these bands that brings that challenging taste to the scene. Great guitar pieces, female vocals and little passages that are always between alt rock and metal. Their new work “In Your Room" was released in March. Musically, especially with those sudden rhythm changes, prog-specific drums and great guitar work, we are “confronted” with influences by some of the genres greats. The album gets a bit of a gothic vibe courtesy of the vocals.

Different than usual with its own character: that is how one could describe Overlaps’ “In Your Room.” It knows the ways to your ears.

Buy the album from Bandcamp here.

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