Sunday 2 February 2020

Review: INFIRMUM - Walls of Sorrow

Weightless yet absolutely colossal, Jyväskylä, Finland's death/doom metal project Infirmum seem to exist in a paradox. Their music eloquently drifts through heavy darkness while simultaneously bleeding airy light everywhere.
Released on February 28 via Inverse Records, Walls of Sorrow is a heavy and evocative offering, expanding on both the beauty and sonic execution mastered on 2018’s debut EP, with their monumental compositions cocooned within an immaculate production that brings out every facet of their massive sound.
A gallant balance between rich textures and sorrowful melodies has been struck to brew an impeccable storm, as the atmospheric “Silence” gives way to the raging “Doomed,” before finding solace in “Sail Away.
It is a perilous yet undeniably blissful voyage through the vast oceans of doom, masterfully steered by a band absolutely owning their craft.

Pre-order Walls of Sorrow from Bandcamp. Follow Infirmum on Facebook.

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