Tuesday 10 December 2019

Review: Ijolite - Post Mortem of a Life

Hailing from Las Vegas, Ijolite is an instrumental post-metal band by multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Dustin Rudy. “Post Mortem of a Life” is his second album with the project, and in Rudy’s own words the release is “a balance between dynamics and pace mixing in versions of these genres to make a cohesive album experience from start to finish.”  

Taking heavy influence from Neurosis, Alcest, Les Discrets, Ijolite orchestrates around slight layerings romantically waving back and forth between earthmoving urgency and aromatic lulls, enshrouding the instrumentation with flourishes of guitar noodling, electronic textures, and synths behind gloomy sludge riffs and thunderous drumming. The record consists of plenty of colossal riffs through and through.

The music of “Post Mortem of a Life,” when it isn't beautiful and melodic is nearly always punishing, feeling like it is crushing the listener’s skull. While the listener wants to beg Ijolite to stop, they just can't help but keep listening. But are the songs any good? The answer is yes, they are incredible. While there aren't many happy moments, there are many, many soft and beautiful moments. 

Songs like “The Crowning" and "Egress" show the softer side of the project, while still being heavier than a band like Slayer. There really is not a single bad moment on the album and while it is no suited to the non patient listener, it just cannot be faulted. All of the songs are pretty much equal in greatness and they are all very, very great. Fans of bands like Isis, Neurosis, Pelican and Mare are advised to rush out and buy this album straight away. Anyone interested in heavy music or even ambient music must own this album, period. Just don't expect it to make you smile. Grab the album from Bandcamp.

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