Monday 16 December 2019

DAS MUERTE Release "Annihilate Tomorrow" Video

Photo by Bruce Bettis

Boston based progressive metal four-piece Das Muerte are launching a music video for their recently released single “Annihilate Tomorrow.” Stream it on below.

Speaking about the concept and the background story that informed the song, the band stated: “‘Annihilate Tomorrow’ is about the recruitment of our young generation to the Army under false pretenses, a promise of service and patriotism but the reality of fighting wars for corporate profit and greed. In the video, our young soldier is recruited by the US Army and ends up in a senseless war for no apparent reason. Trapped under gun fire, our protagonist cracks under the pressure and the horrors of war, thinking about his loved ones left back home, he goes on a rampage and ends up committing acts that violate his personal sense of moral and ethic, coming back a broken man, while the “government” (illustrated by the young kid) plays with their army as if they were meaningless toys.

“Annihilate Tomorrow” sees Das Muerte taking the next step in their ever-evolving sound, and is a taste for the things to come. The group is currently working on a new single before launching a full-length release in the Summer 2020.

Watch a video for “Annihilate Tomorrow” below. The single is available from Bandcamp. For more info on Das Muerte visit the band’s website.

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