Monday 4 November 2019

Review: Monolith - Daddy Plague

Progressive death metal is often a risky venture. Some progressive death metal bands just get it right, and craft simply beautiful, thought-provoking music that harnesses both aggression and emotion, while some sound a little too self-indulgent, and just seem to miss the point. Fortunately, Daddy Plague, the full-length debut album from German project Monolith by guitarist and songwriter Mario Welke, has its boots firmly planted in the former.

The first three tracks, the title track, “Spit,” and “The Titan and the Rat” are best listened to together. They feel like a sonata, taking you on a journey made of punishing death metal to all out shred and back again. 

If what you seek is something intelligent and brutal at the same time, Daddy Plague absolutely is for you.

For more on Monolith check out project's website.

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