Sunday 7 April 2019

Review: In The Fire - Volatile Beings

2018 was a damn good year for death metal and a few months in 2019, and we're already seeing that the trend continues this year too.

Granted, In The Fire isn't exactly death metal, as the blackened part of their sound often pulls them closer to black metal than death metal at times, but the point still stands.

The instrumental parts are incredibly well-performed and well-written, which is somewhat surprising given almost the one-man nature of it. There's cues of old-school Swedish death metal and old-school Swedish black metal and, updating to this century, In The Fire also puts an emphasis on creating a quite claustrophobic and suffocating atmosphere through the production, and the immensely powerful riffs certainly add to that. Very little in terms of repetition, the songs are always moving and always evolving though there's less of a feel of where they're trying to go and not that much in terms of diversity.

Though not the most original of works, both musically and in having an extreme metal band named as-is, Volatile Beings really shines in most other departments. It's extremely tight and it sounds great. Get it from Bandcamp.

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