Sunday 6 January 2019

Review: Diagoras - Enigma

Enigma, the debut EP from Gothenburg, Sweden’s quartet Diagoras, is a roller coaster of aural delight, distress, and progressive imagery that is bound to be a career defining moment.
The nuanced atmospheres and melodic sensibilities that composer the four-piece brings to each of the four songs on Enigma are nothing short of brilliant. As the lines blur between progressive metal, and old-school death metal it becomes apparent that Enigma is one of the most progressively challenging releases from the last year.
Songs like the opening title track, which has powerful guitar riffs by Mitchell Colbert that evolve into stabs of Erik Olans’s vocals, demonstrate the ease at which Diagoras slips in and out of catchy hooks and technically sound song writing.

Enigma sounds like chaos tamed and controlled. This works to the band’s advantage on album highlights — the title track and especially “Disengagement Theory,” where  the group is structurally coherent enough to be catchy yet throw enough curve balls to keep you invested for the full 5+ minutes.
Enigma is a release that takes the listener on a cerebral journey through many mysterious and technically awe-inspiring landscapes that not so many groups are able to achieve.

The EP is available from Bandcamp here

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