Friday, 26 October 2018

Review: HAAZE - Swamp Mama

HAAZE take a no bullshit approach to Death/Doom-influenced Sludge Metal. While their contemporaries are expanding the sound by adding influence from classic rock and prog, on their upcoming album “Swamp Mama,” HAAZE stick with the barnstorming approach of semi-sludgy down tuned power chords and cascading walls of percussion that propelled their 2017 debut EP “RIFF.” From the opening deafening noise of “Beast of the Bog” to the thick, rip-roaring down strokes of “AL”, HAAZE bang out jam after crusty jam with the power and fury. 

With “Swamp Mama,” HAAZE have made an album worthy of your time. “Swamp Mama” is a promising example of the furious side. The album can be defined not only by its frequently manic pace, but also adventurous dynamics that make for the quality that's hardly disposable. The trio steers clear of employing the traditional verse-chorus-bridge song structure in order to make room for diverse passages that revolve around smoky, yet always tight riffs, bouncy bass lines and technical drumming. This is all coupled with mid-tempo dominance and furious, serrated vocal outbursts. There's a certain level of intricacy involved in nearly every single moment on the record, whether it's stomping aggressiveness of the title track or plodding doom of “Stereotypically Doomed.”

“Swamp Mama” happens to be admirably relentless and focused to the point it's really difficult to pick out any standout songs. In case of another similar act this methodical approach might have cut short the spontaneity, but HAAZE just thrive on it adding plenty of various influences and, in the process, recording a sludge metal album with a crossover appeal. The fans of the genre won't be disappointed either as “Swamp Mama” is sufficiently fierce, intense and technical to make their heads nod in approval.

“Swamp Mama” is out on the 7th of January, 2019. You can pre-order the album here. Make sure to follow HAAZE on Facebook and Instagram.

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