Thursday 4 October 2018

News: Poland's Pirate / Melodic Death Metal Band VANE Release "Rise to Power" Video

Krakow, Poland-based pirate melodic death metallers VANE have launched the first video single off of their upcoming full-length album “Black Vengeance” (release date: November 30th). Watch "Rise to Power" below.

VANE guitarist Mateusz Gajdzik commented, “This song was voted out from the album at some point, but I decided to work on it some more, because I really loved the intro melody and how all the instruments suddenly jump out of the imaginary water. Like in case of most songs on the album, I've created around 20 versions with different arrangements to end up with my favourite songs on the album. From the beginning I was thinking about creating a song about drowning, thus underwater sound effects here and there. I am glad that we were able to create a lyrical concept for this and shoot a music video containing drowning scenes, along with us floundering in the actual sea, that is 600km from our city of origin. This was very hard work in spartan conditions, as nights at Polish seaside are not too hot. “

“Rise to Power” is an account of one of the crew mates. It's a depiction of hesitation after having a conversation with the main character about starting a mutiny to overthrow Blackbeard. The crewman imagines the drowning of the infamous captain and through the song you can see the change in his mind, from thinking that the idea is crazy to admitting that this is the right thing to do. The video itself is very loosely tied to the lyrics. To emphasize the drowning sound FX and the lyrics, the band has shot this clip at the beach, in water and in rain, with added underwater scenes just to enhance the mood.

Guitarist Robert Zembrzycki said, “The video itself was a challenging, and sometimes extreme experience, it made us cover huge distances and shoot for 12 hours in harsh conditions. We have soldiered on through cold winds, artificial rain, power generator failures, battery drainage, hypothermia and various other minor discomforts. But we still had fun doing it, and we'd do it all again, so we hope you will enjoy ‘Rise to Power’ as much as we enjoyed creating it. And stay tuned, because this is not our last word!”

"Black Vengeance" can be pre-ordered at this location.

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