Sunday 16 September 2018

Review: Elision - The Conscious Collider

Perhaps many of you have noticed the overwhelming swarm of hardcore/metalcore acts flooding the scene right now. It's becoming increasingly ridiculous, as almost all of them sound identical and bring nothing original to the table. They are meshing together and making the genre the most generic and bland of them all. This is why I never even consider reviewing an album of that sort, and why I tend to shun away any band most of my "hardcore" friends throw at me. It's not that I hate the genre, it's just I think everyone should stop trying to imitate and come up with something unique. Few bands manage to do such a thing. If you're going to be part of this genre and not bring anything too new to the table, you damn well be good at what you are doing. So Elision comes into my grasp, the brutality bashing me in the skull rather unrelentlessly… and I am hooked. A breath of fresh air? Not exactly. An enjoyable listen? You betcha.

Elision is a progressive metalcore quintet from Sydney, Australia. Their debut EP is called "The Conscious Collider," and it is quite the thrill of a ride. This record comes out blazing with seven songs, ranging from melodic to super heavy pieces.

I will not go much further in terms of track by track, because those don't do a release justice. I will just give you the overall feel and sound of the album. It is typical metalcore, and while many will gripe that it is not exactly anything special, the fail to look into the other aspects of the music.

For what it is, this release stands its ground in a watered down scene that is quickly losing its lustre. Just rising above the hordes of local metalcore bands that are everywhere and making yourself something alone makes them unique. I think this band has the potential to rise to a rather prominent force in the scene. Only time will tell.

Read my interview with Elision's guitarist Elliot Koroneos here.

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