Thursday 19 July 2018

Review: Subnoir - A Long Way from Home

Some records act as stimuli, evocative of things, people and places. A Long Way from Home is the killing floor of an abattoir. It’s only Subnoir’s debut full-length, but most of its sprawling, hardcore-flecked post-metal is comparable to Cult Of Luna’s Vertikal masterwork. This is cold, despiteful, unforgiving music. Instrumentation fleshes out the horror, the mechanical segues not setting the scene but rather orchestrating it. There’s no respite; every dark-ambient passage stacks up the tension before throwing you into crushing, painful heaviness on the bass, grinding riffs and skin-flaying grotesqueries in every wound-raw scream. The hooks are sturdy and the weight of the crescendos is absurd, but Subnoir’s greatest achievement is realised upon multiple listens, once the scraping nuances and background effects have sunk in. The pant-shitting sense of dread, the genuine discomfort, lingers long after A Long Way from Home climaxes.

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