Monday 14 May 2018

Review: Second to Sun - The Black

Mixing in a heavy dose of groove metal set against a grim dissonant backing, Second to Sun have created a distinctive sound on “The Black” — their second studio album which was previously released as an instrumental edition under the name “Blackbound” — that sets them apart from black metal purists while still retaining an oppressively darkened atmosphere. Guitar riffs weave their way over a prominent rattling bass lines tied together by Gleb Sysoev’s rasped vocals. 

The majority of the album remains mid-paced, particularly opening songs “Ladoga Master” and “The Wall,” contrasting this however are later tracks “Region 13,” “The Fool,” as well as the first and fourth parts of the “Mrakobesie” suit.

While Second to Sun have crafted a great sound for “The Black,” the album’s real issue is with their unwillingness to stray from it at any point. All of the tracks maintain a similar atmosphere making the final section of the album a chore to get to. The vocals and guitars may vary their material, but the tone is maintained throughout reducing the impact of any contrast in the bands material.

For any black metal fan looking at straying into the more diversely inspired music making its way out of Russia, this is certainly an album to take an hour out for. The blackened groove coupled with clean production makes this a decent piece of work.

“The Black” is out on May 16th, and is available from Bandcamp.

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