Monday 16 April 2018

Review: War of Thrones - Conflict in Creation

If you want to enjoy listening to a heavy metal album, you must first know what exactly you want to get from it. Others want to hear nice melodies and complex riffs and solos, while some just want to have fun and let out their rage and energy. If you belong to the second category War of Thrones is your medicine. Formed by ex-Crimson Glory vocalist Wade Black and guitarist Rick Renstrom, bassist Rich Marks and drummer Jason Marks, the band released their debut album entitled “Conflict in Creation” last month.

The songs here are based upon dynamic, simple riffs, heavy melodies and Wade’s perfect vocals. The solid rhythm section makes the compositions sound so god-damn heavy all the way giving the sense that they could have been in Priest’s new album.

There are more metal diamonds hidden in here and the band reveals them throughout the record. Heavy guitars, killing drums and angry vocals penetrate your mind and kick your sorry little ass if you are still sitting down! The album ends at full speed by the charging guitar and drums.

If you claim to be a metal fan then War of Thrones will put you to the test. If you listen the whole album unharmed and with your head still stuck to your neck, you will have survived the metal storm these fellas prepared for you.

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