Thursday, 15 March 2018

Review: Arutam 666 - Arutam

Arutam 666 is a death metal band from Ambato in Ecuador, and “Arutam” is the band’s debut EP launched in February.

The band utilizes a greater mixture of sounds into their songs; the guitars use dissonant chords and droning notes and succeed with keeping the strength of their regular riffs, while the drums vary in tempo quite a lot. Tracks like “The End of the Beginning” add a significant amount of mood.

The EP does provide a reasonable amount of variation as a whole, with the aforementioned “The End of the Beginning”, as well as the title track and “Tsantsa” providing a greatly different sound to other areas of the EP, which is good, seeing as the brutality of most of the tracks could become a little tiring sans the occasional change in styling. That said, it's not even as though the other tracks are too lacking in variation in themselves - both parts of “Lost on the Other Side’s” occasional melodies and rapidly changing structure, and grooves all provide a bit of individuality to the tracks.

“Arutam” manages to provide a set of sounds that expand upon the usual template of the genre.

Hear the EP on Bandcamp.

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