Thursday 1 February 2018

Review: The Kreutzer Sonata - The Gutters of Paradise

The Gutters of Paradise is as unique as it is pulverizing. The Kreutzer Sonata’s sophomore full-length album is a satisfyingly chaotic and strikingly creative tour de force. The band frames their ambition and creativity within a unique brand of rambunctious hardcore. On their latest offering, The Kreutzer Sonata seamlessly weave their textured experiments and haunting melodies within a mural of monstrous riffs and anguished vocals.

The Kreutzer Sonata build The Gutters of Paradise upon a bedrock of uncompromising hardcore. The album is loaded with dissonant riffs, burly grooves, and deafening vocal performances. From the very beginning, “The Yard Stare” catches the listener off guard with gut-wrenching shrieks and frenzied riffing before bleeding into the bone-crushing groove of “Nobody.” Throughout the album, songs like “Schlitz Faced” and “Storm the Hall” rumble with dissonant chords and pummeling rhythms.This spastic blend of punk, metal and hardcore provides the band with the perfect foundation for their inventive ideas.

The Kreutzer Sonata’s second album is a triumph that should draw comparisons to some of the genre’s heavyweights. The Gutters of Paradise is a creative and well-executed slab of forward-thinking hardcore punk that deserves to be appreciated and listened to numerous times. Using chaotic hardcore as a vehicle for their ambitious ideas, The Kreutzer Sonata successfully cement their name alongside the very best of the genre.

Pre-order The Gutters of Paradise from Bandcamp here.

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