Saturday 6 January 2018

Review: Mosh - Ubreakable Wall

A debut album from Mosh Werner, Unbreakable Wall, is a real journey. It focuses on movement and exploration, and what may or may not be not revealed along the way. 

On average, we take 10,000 steps a day. Some simply get us to the next step, others are more enlightening. Some trips occur only in the mind. Mosh explores both the simple and profound moments of inner and outer rambles in the ten originals here. He anchors each song with voice and guitar, drawing on many crossroads of acoustic roots music while aping no particular genre. 

The jaunty opener “Keep on Moving” kicks off Unbreakable Wall in a great way. The harmonica-happy tune and Mosh’s warm vocals establish an instant comfort level. Things get serious on track two, though, as Werner dwells on the big picture with “Fish Us”, a song with old-soul feel reflecting on the long path of a challenging life. 

Throughout the album, Werner ventures to see things more clearly through personal and politic. In “Wasted Times”, he sings, “In every second of your life / you couldn’t spare the chance of being wrong.” Whether he's taking a back-roads trip, a walk around the block, or the long path with his family, Werner is writing about forward motion. The supporting players keep things kinetic with a friendly vibe. Their playing is subtle yet stellar; they know Unbreakable Wall is about the songs, and what they have to tell.

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