Thursday, 11 January 2018

Review: Gökböri - Erlik

If you are looking for some really heavy and refreshed ‘80s influenced thrash metal you must check Gökböri’s recent full-length release Erlik.

This is the second album by New York-based trio with songs completely sang in the Turkish language, as two of the band members — Emre Balık (vocals, guitar) and Koray Önder (vocals, bass) — are from Turkey. On the position of drummer, there is Jesse Haff.

Erlik contains very heavy riffing and shredding, harsh but yet pretty strained vocals, incredible drumming by Haff and lots of speed. All the members are doing great on this album because the wall of sound is so thick and heavy, Önder's bass is very audible; there are no bass solos or filler sections but you can hear the bass very well, and that’s what counts. The vocals, both from Önder and Balık, are very enjoyable and easy to listen to, the overall sound is raw and evil. 

Balık's guitar work is awesome; the guitar’s sound is deep and heavy, the riffing and shredding are catchy. Most solos are chaotic, frantic, fast, but they also retain melody.

The songs on Erlik are powerful thrash attacks; it all sounds like refreshed ‘80s thrash metal, but the with a very improved heaviness. For every thrash fan looking for something new, Erlik may be a very pleasant surprise.

The album is available from Bandcamp.

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