Sunday 28 January 2018

Review: Blindboss - Our Tribe

Post-punk is often regarded as a genre that has a lot of similar sounding bands, especially when it comes to vocals. Costa Mesa, California based one-man band Blindboss — a brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Max Histrionic — does play to the post-punk sound pretty tightly but on his sophomore album Our Tribe, Blindboss takes the time to raise his music beyond the confines of that sound. How far Blindboss goes beyond those confines is subjective, but he offers something for everyone.

The album opens on the epic sprawl of “Roman Coke,” which cuts from a big beginning to fast-paced verse filled with light guitar flourishes that at times sound so flowing. Max’ vocals are definitely a huge addition to the song’s energy and anthem-feeling vibe. “Newport Douche” is more straightforward in terms of being a classic punk rock tune.

Matriarch” has a much more mysterious opening than the earlier tracks thanks to a great ringing atmospheric guitar line at the beginning. The riffs that drive the title song give it an opening well above many on the record.

Our Tribe may not be a game-changer but it gives Blindboss ground to stand on and a great example of the sound and talent. Max Histrionic plays to their genre well while trying to explore other ideas within that sound.

Our Tribe is available for pre-order from Bandcamp. Blindboss is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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