Friday 1 December 2017

Review: Korzo - Supremacy

Impressionist soundscapes. Ambient climaxes. Splendor in all of its ebbs and flows. That’s been the image Ukrainian post progressive rock/metal act Korzo (named after leader Jonsi’s newborn sister) have carefully cultivated over the last few years. You can’t help but picture wide sweeping landscapes when you close your eyes and let those elegiac chords suspend your subconscious.

No doubt that every song on Supremacy — Korzo’s sophomore album — is beautiful, lush and understated at the most startling moments. The whole idea of keeping a progressive act together is to maintain a certain aesthetic while simultaneously adopting a whole new persona. Maintaining continuity while deconstructing your “sound.” At least that’s what the legends say. Every song encapsulates and expounds upon a guitar riff or an atmospheric arrangement which truly obscures reality for the better. 

Get a copy of Supremacy from Bandcamp.

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