Thursday 8 June 2017

Review: URSA - nulla

How “live” this release is up for debate, yet URSA’s full-length “nulla” is as captivating as any live (URSA) performance this year. Building on high definition bursts of drum rolls and guitars and everything in between, “nulla” demands a lot from the listener. The release walks an uneasy line between the accessibility of modern rock music and the obtuse experimentation of artists like… I don’t even know.

Essentially a mix of a number of longer tracks that come and go, this “set” feels like a nightmare in a dance club from a future we’ll always be hypothesising about and never reaching. At times noisy, at times dance hall ready, yet always exhilarating and relentless, we can only hope that this release is the sign of more to come from this exciting “new” name in experimental rock.

Stream / get the album from here.

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