Wednesday 18 January 2017

Review: Second Horizon - Albdruck

Albdruck is the debut studio album from German experimental band Second Horizon. The band employs wide spectre of elements in their music, and if you are a fan of bands such like Cult of Luna, Enslaved, Isis, Tool, Mastodon and more, I kid you not, you will make a room in your heart for this album. 

Albdruck consists of modern day, relentless, in-your-face riffs, and pounding rhythm section. The drums really shine through over the thrashing, heart-pounding tracks with insane sound quality and wicked speed that are easily to focal point in many of the songs. 

Second Horizon add this ear-popping and near hypnotic distortion to their heaviness which really adds character to the album. Although there are no vocals, the band makes up for it by a mind blowing performance. Their heavy take on the already heavy genres is what makes this record a very pleasant discovery.

You can get yourself a copy of the album here.

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