Monday 30 January 2017

Review: Burnt City - Resurgence EP

Burnt City is a prog-power metal project by guitarist and composer Aydin Zahedi hailing from Sydney in Australia. Zahedi has gathered quite a line-up for Burnt City’s debut EP "Resurgence" which was released on the first day of 2017. He teamed up with singer Gus Monsanto (Revolution Renaissance), keyboardist Bob Katsionis (Serious Black, Firewind), bassist Mike Lepond (Symphony X), and drummer George Kollias (Nile) to create quite a powerful synthesis of genres.

Musically very rich, "Resurgence" is not easy to understand at the first encounter, but I immediately discerned some obvious qualities. The vocal performance from Monsanto is very convincing; he owns such a powerful voice and charisma to deliver.

As the record passes by, "Resurgence" expands further, in a precise and clever way little by little, a long process to fully enjoy it in its fullness. The identity of the album is based around a dark Progressive Metal sound with some Melodic method and some intricate harmonic arrangements, more dramatic in the ambiances than it seems, while the smartness and the complex shape of their creative ways are updated by an evolutive style in a thick schema of heaviness.

Songs on "Resurgence" are of same quality throughout the record; this quality is uniform and goes gradually all the way from the opening intro to the closing piece “Armageddon.” 

"Resurgence" is a great release; the talent of Aydin Zahedi accompanied by masterful execution of collaborators is evident on every step. I hope that this record is just an indicator that this project has a lot more to say.

Get a copy of "Resurgence" here.

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