Wednesday 4 January 2017

Review: Althea - Memories Have No Name

Althea is a relatively new name on the Italian and worldwide progressive metal scene. They have been around for a few years and ever since then they released an EP “Eleven” in 2014, and are ready to launch a full-length under the name “Memories Have No Name.” The quintet based in Milan features Alessio Accardo on vocals, Dario Bortot on guitar, Fabrizio Zilio on bass, Marco Zambardi on keyboards, and Sergio Sampietro on drums). Their music blends elements of melancholy, the spirit of American progressive metal, and British progressive rock. All of this is true; throughout this record there is surely an omnipresent feeling of melancholy, which is mostly carried by the vocal harmonies and a variety of keyboards-related stuff.

“Memories Have No Name” is divided into 16 songs. The main instrument on this record is the guitar, played masterfully by Bortot. The sound of guitar is well-rounded, the riffs are melodic, but heavy, guitar solos are executed flawlessly. The interplay between guitars and vocals is another highlight of “Memories Have No Names.” The term “virtuosity” has been a synonym for progressive rock for a while, but this release is focus on melody over the technicality. 

The craftsmanship and musicianship are top-notch. As the album flows by Althea are even more prolific; they are like a flower that opens up slowly. With “Memories Have No Names” these guys hint that they have the knowledge and potential to make something good. At least, this record is far from being categorized as a “hobby album,” it surely needs to be listened and is not one of those “skip-over” releases. Give this album a chance and let the music speak to your heart, rather than your brain!

For more info about Althea visit their website here.

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