Friday 9 December 2016

Wretch Keeps the Classic Doom Alive

Wretch may be a new name in the doom scene, but this power trio from London are definitely not new at what they do. Fronted by Karl Simon, one half of the epic band Gates of Slumber, Wretch have created that classic, retro and nostalgic doom metal sound along the lines of St. Vitus, the Obsessed and Cirith Ungol. Unfortunately this album falls after the death of Gates of Slumber band mate and long time friend, Jason McCash. Creating this album, these songs, it was part of the healing and grieving process.

“The days of swords and sorcery are pretty much over for me” notes Karl”. “No more giant spiders or Iceworms, There are real horrors that occupy my mind these days.”

That quote sheds a lot of light into the creative process behind this album, and quite honestly brings forth lots of self reflection and thought. This is an insanely well crafted album and all fans of the genre will love and more importantly, respect it.

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