Sunday 11 December 2016

Have A Very Metal Christmas, 10 Great Metal Christmas Songs

They say this is the most wonderful time of the year, and I know lots of people love Christmas carols but shopping from store to store the same songs play over and over again. They may be classics but sometimes we need something a bit faster, a bit harder and a bit more metal. That is why we have compiled 10 of the best metal Christmas tracks from varying styles so that everyone can have a Merry Christmas.

10. King Diamond - No Presents For Christmas
This is my idea of a classic Christmas song. Released as a single on Christmas Day in 1985 it has grown to become one of King Diamonds most recognized songs. 

9. Christopher Lee - Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing
Was there anything that this man did not accomplish in his life?  Christopher Lee achieved it all while he was with us including making a metal Christmas album. RIP you legend of a man.

8. Dio with Tony Iommi - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Another legend, Ronnie James Dio, taken from us too soon. Dio takes on this Christmas classic with such power and grace that one would think it was made just for him and Iommi on guitar leaves us thinking that it may very well of been an undiscovered Black Sabbath song.

7. Austrian Death Machine - Jingle Bells
Its a shame that frontman Tim Lambesis turned out to be batfuckinsane but his run with Austrian Death Machine put out some real fun and entertaining hits. Jingle Bells being one of them.

6. Becoming the Archetype - O Holy Night
Kicking it up a notch here with what I believe to be the heaviest version of this song ever to of been produce and yet still having its Christmas charm.

5. August Burns Red - Frosty the Snowman
To be fair, August Burns Red has a full Christmas album. I chose my own personal fave for this list. Who doesn't love Frosty?

4. Lemmy - Run Rudolph Run
Here is one that can comfortably be played Christmas morning without upsetting the grandparents. Lemmy really shines on this song, I'm partial to say its even better than the original Chuck Berry classic.

3. Venom - Black Christmas
Black n roll punk rock Christmas? Sign me up! This is a great original Christmas track.

2. Amon Amarth - Viking Christmas
Picture a viking Christmas for a moment, lots of food, lots of booze, shouting, yelling, fighting, total chaos. Now picture your standard family Christmas, probably not too different eh?

1. AC/DC - Mistress for Christmas
I'm sure this is something on a lot of guys Christmas lists, unfortunately the elves up at the pole haven't quite figured out how to make living breathing women.

There we have it, ten killer Christmas tracks that we haven't heard a million times. Narrowing it down to ten was tough, there is so much more metal Christmas tracks out their than I knew so stay tuned for part two.

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