Saturday 17 December 2016

Electric Age Keep the Southern Metal Alive

"Hailing from Louisiana, Electric Age, since forming in 2013, have taken the craft of their sludge and southern metal contemporaries , and incorporated the dynamics of more traditional metal, along with folk , doom and straight forward rock, to create the epic tale of their debut album 'Sleep of the Silent King'”.

Finding this album right before Christmas is the best gift I could give myself. 'Sleep of the Silent King' sounds like an album from a band that has been around for years, an anticipated release from a long favourite artist and yet, as of one hour ago I had never heard of them. Channeling a softer side of Phil Anselmo and combining elements from traditional and classic heavy metal, these guys have made a brilliant album that is familiar and distinctly unique at the same time. Unfortunately it won't see a release until the new year but in the mean time its available for streaming in its entirety so be sure to check it out.

Favourite track: 
Cold Witch

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