Friday 2 December 2016

Album Review: Guamskyy - Seven Parallels

Let me go on a limb here. Seven Parallels is arguably one of the most dynamic and exploitative progressive metal albums the genre has to offer in 2016. On this studio debut, guitarist Christian San Agustin pushes boundaries of the genre. The audible expedition that embodies Bilo 3.0 is an ironic one indeed. Redefining standard and quite possibly ruining all other music in my life, Seven Parallels is a journey that even the most conservative listener could find some value in.

From start to finish there is a concentration and tonal framework interwoven with keen use of formal elements that grip the edges of abstract. A human element emerges within and is presented as profound lyrical phrasing, world-class performances, and skin-tight originality.

Seven Parallels is an album that is much more then the sum of its parts. It is a voyage of sonic character that redefines modern progressive metal.

Rating: 4.5/5

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