Tuesday 1 November 2016

Album Review: Dusks Embrace - ReAwakening

ReAwakening is an intriguing listen. It’s not one of those albums that will immediately “grab” you, instead serving as more of a slow-burner and a grower, but is nevertheless an album that is deserving of a closer look.

The doomy edge to the instrumentation coupled with haunting clean vocals give the piece an ambient and ethereal feeling, which works really well, especially in the two opening tracks “Harbinger” and “With Cleansing Flames” which are pretty crushing as they hit you with full force – the wall of guitars almost-immediately coupled with the vocals is tremendous, and the role-reversal that takes place in the songs where the half-yelled vocals accompany a sparser instrumental section is a very nice touch. 

 The pace of ReAwakening is smooth, it transitions very well between the songs. The album is a decent enough listen if you’re prepared to invest a bit of time into it.

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