Thursday 27 October 2016

Can You Tame The Sorceress Bitch?

Blackened thrash metal from Colombia, this is Witchtrap. I've been a huge fan of blackened thrash metal and this is one hell of a record. Thankfully, the wonderful folks at "Hells Headbangers" are bringing the attention it deserves and printing it again!

"HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to release an international version of WITCHTRAP's Sorceress Bitch on vinyl and CD formats. Originally released in 2002 on CD and then subsequently receiving a couple limited vinyl pressings, Sorceress Bitch has been out of print for years, but it's high time WITCHTRAP's debut album is given the rebirth it so deserves! A power-trio hailing from Colombia, WITCHTRAP have been at the forefront of the blackthrash resurgence since their first demo in 1997. Taking the evil of early Kreator and the sleaziness of early Razor and then whipping it into a gritty 'n' grimy frenzy, WITCHTRAP have had their sound nailed down for years, and Sorceress Bitch was the first full-length explosion of primal lust, in its rawest and most rabid form. Trying taming this Sorceress Bitch!"

Check it out below and click through to pre order an exclusive marbled viny or cd.

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