Thursday 28 July 2016

EP Review: Excellion - Unsean

Metal has progressed far beyond its roots, branched into a thousand or more sub-genres. Some live some die; some are just a flash in the pan. But occasionally metal throws at you something unique, something never heard before, something that you know is going to change what metal is. Excellion is not that thing, but it comes pretty close.

Excellion is a Mexican band from based out of the capitol Mexico City. A quartet, they play a unique mix Rock, Metalcore, Djent and Prog Metal. Imagine Ihsahn, Periphery, Killswitch Engage and their music passed through a Rock filter. They have the same intensity and same sensibilities as the mentioned artists which is what gets me excited about their music.

Their new EP Unsean is released on August 6, and what I heard in these five songs is definitely something that is worth everyone’s attention. The production is really good (note that these guys are still unsigned). The existentially charged lyrics delivered by singer Frozen Chava have a lasting effect on the listener who will want to sing along on the repeating anthemic lines in the songs “In Search of Infinity” and “The Heart of the Sapphire,” which bookend the EP and are part of the “Unsean” story. The opening tune, in most respects sounds very coloured with the crushing riffs, resonating leads in the back and odd time signatures with beefy bass lines. And that’s something that builds up throughout the record.

Unsean by Excellion is very strong and a promising release for a band that knows how to challenge themselves creatively. Unsean is a must-listen for all metal fans.

Excellion is on Facebook.

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